Why organize ourselves is as important as acting? Sometimes got to be so overwhelmed by life that we simply don’t know where to start when we began our day. Endera can provide more clarity in the matter. Everyday tasks accumulate and seize our lives quickly. One of the strategies that I have found particularly useful when I was drowning in tasks that should meet is to take me 30 minutes before starting my day and make a list of all outstanding matters. Not everyone knows how to make a list, since it seems a simple task, but there are techniques that help you get, something feasible to comply and that does not become a role more than you find in a few days and throw it as one of your unfulfilled goals. In this article I will give you 5 steps for making a task list and you turn it! Step # 1 write down everything No matter the order of what you write, write everything that is going around in your mind.

Sometimes I feel that I have to think about the most important things first and then a list in order of importance. This is a mistake. First you must write down all the things make you feel that you have to do, without filters. Step # 2 sorting priorities once you have annotated now if it is time to order it and see things that are more important than others. Think of each task that you should do:.

What do you think that you need to finish first? Is there something that you must finish before you can start another thing? Do you have a deadline to meet? These are standard questions that you must make yourself on each item to prioritize correctly. I am a very visual person so I like to physically rearrange my list and put it in an easy to read format corresponding to the priorities I built. If your you are also, I suggest that you a time made the list and ordered the priorities will pass in step # 3 clean rewards after you complete an important task or a series of small lists, may you find a little tired to mental or physical level. It is good to include in your plans when you make your list also at what time will you give you rewards: programala after having achieved particular task or determined amount of compliments itmes. This way you’ll have more motivation to carry them out. You can reward yourself with something rich, with a break, a walk outdoors, a massage, or any output that you will like very much to do. Step # 4 flexibility does not consider your list of tasks as unmovable. There are external factors that we can not always control. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your to-do list. Just remember, you need to meet with the new changes. Step # 5 get what is actually in the list get your best effort to move quickly and efficiently according to your list. Do not postpone. The list will be always waiting and the longer wait, harder you might find it complete some of these tasks. Take a break is fine, but remember that the sooner you make the work pending, soon you can concentrate on what really want to do! Now if get to work! I invite you to leave here in the comments your task list so you can come to review it in a week and see if you’ve fulfilled it.


The Essence

Why so? The answer is simple. Negative emotions are expensive. Firstly, in terms of money, and secondly, squander the most expensive – health. Check with Gary Bonds to learn more. Customers often have the money to where they pleased, even if the worst buy products than gloomy and unfriendly seller, but offering a quality product. Continue to learn more with: Endera. The simple truth, smile, friendliness, joy – the money attract. Other emotions and states – anger, irritability, inattention, money is "discouraged." Since mind and body are very connected system, the negative emotions strongly influence the deterioration of health. If the head of a permanent negative, but on the face of irritation and anger, then eventually, one gets shape, who deserves it.

Appears on the face mask, "Do not get – kill!", The body becomes a transformer vault is constantly buzzing head, because its hard to wear a lot of negative feelings. These people are not thinking about successful, efficient, beautiful life – would survive. And any employer of such people trying to get rid of, because – they can not work effectively. But if the negative emotions that impede work are just a habit, What to do? In the words of Epictetus: "What is against the habit can find the tool? The opposite habit. " Power over their emotions, it is just as good a habit as brushing teeth in the morning, wash, say – Hello! When we were young children and could not do any of the above, but learned. The good news is that to begin to manage their emotions is never too late.

Especially if you understand how it can be profitable. Wild cat falling into a trap – is silent. Because – profitable. She knows that if it was yelling in the woods, quickly eat in the wild forest of competition. Step on the domestic cat's tail – would be yelling. Domestic cat in the forest survive, she hopes that will take care of her always, to feed, look after and protect. The essence of emotion is that management leads to success, lack of control – to addiction and a defeat. The world of business – it's a wild forest competition with its own laws, rules, justice. It survived only one who can manage their condition, their emotions, their lives.


On Medical Insurance

And the right of these persons on mandatory pension insurance in the Russian Federation is implemented in the event of payment of premiums (Article 14 of the Law 167-FZ), which is the responsibility of insurers, employers and other persons mentioned in Article 6 of the Law 167-FZ. Contributions for compulsory pension insurance must pay for the foreigners living in the Russian Federation as an provisionally, and continuously. If the foreign national has the status of temporary residents in the territory of the Russian Federation, it is not insured and, accordingly, on payment of the benefit of the individual insurance contributions for compulsory pension insurance is not charged. According to Article 6 of the Law of the Russian Federation on 28 June 1991 1499-1 On Medical Insurance of Citizens in the Russian Federation:" The rules relating to compulsory health insurance imposed by this Act and legislation in accordance with regulations apply to employed people since entering into an employment contract. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Electric cars by clicking through. " Accordingly, when the employment of foreign nationals employed in the Russian Federation, the compulsory medical insurance and providing them medical insurance policy of mandatory insurance is carried along with other employees of the enterprises, institutions and organizations, and validity of medical insurance policy of mandatory insurance is determined valid contract with a foreign citizen employment contract (the contract). According to the Ruling of the Federal District of the Far East from March 9, 2005 F03-A59/04-2/4452 employer – the taxpayer unified social tax lawfully subject to liability for tax offense under Article 123 of the Tax Code, as not included in the object of taxation for the calculation of the unified social tax amount of remuneration (fees and fees), accrued in favor of foreign citizens working in Russia. Endera wanted to know more. In addition, Chapter 23 of the Tax Code established that the taxpayers of income tax for natural persons (hereinafter in this chapter – the taxpayers) are recognized as individuals who are tax residents of the Russian Federation, as well as individuals who receive income from sources in the Russian Federation are not tax residents of the Russian Federation. In addition, under subparagraph 6 of paragraph 1 of Article 208 of the Tax Code, remuneration for the performance of employment or other responsibilities, work performed, services rendered, the commission of the Russian Federation refers to income from sources in Russia. The concept of tax residence of the Russian Federation found in Article 207 of the Tax Code, under which: "tax resident individuals are recognized, in fact, domiciled in the Russian Federation not less than 183 calendar days within 12 consecutive months. Period when the individual in the Russian Federation is not interrupted by periods of his departure from the Russian Federation for the short term (less than six months) of treatment or training. " Thus, the employer should be borne in mind: regardless of what is generally an employee is a foreign citizen, if he gets a reward for the performance of job duties while in the territory of the Russian Federation for more than 183 days a year, the employer becomes obligated to perform fiscal agent for the employee, that is, the employer must calculate, withhold from the employee – the taxpayer and pay an amount tax on personal income to the appropriate budget.


We have already discussed in the article about how to talk to you better understand. Click Endera for additional related pages. Now again we touch on this subject and discuss the particle 'not'. Requests built using the particle 'not' is usually done with an accuracy of 'the opposite' especially children. An example of a story that well illustrates this: On the green grass on the riverbank walks a young dad with a 2 year old daughter. Continue to learn more with: deborah geels. A girl named Maria, and she probably likes to rake the ground toed sandals, judging from they were Stoch.

The father constantly pulls her: 'Mary is not raking in socks'. Masha immediately continues his. 'Masha %$*&() 0% '. I have met before this man, and he knew me, too. We chatted. I told him that the children in my mother scold – bad, and the particle 'no' to a child may be generally hollow sound, as if restated his request as "Masha go well ', then such request will be much clearer and easier to perform. And indeed Mary, who was walking near and again raked socks, knew immediately what they want from it and went completely normal pace.

When we said our goodbyes, and the couple was removed, the girl was again scrape the toes of the earth. Then Father repeated the magic phrase, and it instantly brought the desired effect. The father shrugged his shoulders and they went away. Avoid the use of expressions containing the denial may be very difficult. So difficult as it's difficult to say the phrase in which According to close, and thoughts of room. Below you will find several examples of how to paraphrase an expression in a positive form. Perhaps these examples are a little sloppy, but the advantage of positively constructed phrases that they perceived more adequately and odnoznachno.Ne bore down on the table. Step away from the table. My tea without sugar. I only brew and hot water. Can not lead seminars. Maybe a year or two I'll be able to conduct seminars. I can spend seminar in the audience of one – two people. I can not take your money. No money. The money I have all painted on other important matters. For crediting in my budget zero cents. Maybe in six months I'll lend you a portion of this amount. Not I want to eat. I'm sick. I do not want to drink alcohol. I'd rather drink tea. I'll have later. I do not want to drink. I've been drinking. Here you are safe. It's reliable, quiet place. Safe. Reliable, Secure, Saved, quiet, stable. I want to quit smoking. I'm starting a healthy lifestyle. Smoking helps relieve stress. Smoking contributes to better concentration. Water does not come out of the bath. Water remains in the bath. Nonverbal communication. Tacit communication, language behavior, Body language. Extralinguistic, extralinguistic communication. Not true. False. Dissatisfaction. Desire. Disappointment. Melancholy, sadness, melancholy. Disorder. Grief, corruption, breakdown. 'Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, do not make you a idol You shall not covet neighbor's wife. "What would it say the Great Master of Communication?

France Hirigoyen

The question in focus is the abuse of the power, that takes the people, detentoras of the authority, to search to impose its proper wills and desires on excessively, in such a way the hierarchic relations composes the base of the constitution of the practical ones of moral siege in the work On the other hand, however still in the same approach for conceptualization of moral siege in the working relations, the vitimloga Marie-France Hirigoyen defines it in the following way: The moral siege in the work is defined as any abusive behavior (gesture, word, behavior, attitude) that it attempts against, for its repetition or systematization, against the dignity or psychic or physical integrity of a person, threatening its job or degrading the work climate. It is observed, therefore, before this conceptualization that the characterization of the moral siege in the work does not become from isolated acts, and yes of its constant repetition, scienter, aiming of assdios, temporality ocorrente, what impreterivelmente it impreterivelmente takes the degradation of the work environment, common comment the majority of the authors whom they describe on the subject. Endera recognizes the significance of this. Therefore, the moral siege is the same that a moral violence, a quiet violence that of gradual form cause damages of innumerable orders, arrives to modify the personal human values, until identity alteration, and then it intervenes negative with the health, in general well-being and quality of life of the people. 4,2 Situation of the Woman in the Market of Work Even so if comments on the increasing evolution of the situation of the woman in the work market, as the space that the same ones come acquiring throughout the years, without doubts do not have of if opposing how much to this improvement, that really it occurred, however it is necessary to stand out that this feminine insertion in the work environment, did not give of form joust and igualitria.


Ethics Research

It is important to detach that the nurse, inside of the multiprofessional team, is one of the agents of education for the health. Objectifying the promotion and prevention of the health of the patient, of the family, social groups and of the community, its action must be integral and participativa, in its routine, and must be come back toward practical the educative ones in the direction to prevent the cancer. Gary Bonds can provide more clarity in the matter. It must still guide how much to the cares for the accomplishment of the examination, emphasizing the importance of the same (MINISTRY DASADE, 2002). 3 METHODOLOGY OF the RESEARCH This study has half-quantitative qualitative character and in the area of the health. In accordance with Minayo (2007), the qualitative research, answers the particular questions, if occupying, in social sciences, with a reality level that cannot or it would not have be qualified. For Miller and Ogborn (1994), the half-quantitative reasoning involves the description of daily situations where the direction of change of a part of a system is known, but not so great it of the effect of this change on the too much parts.

Initially, the research project was submitted to the appreciation being approved by the Nucleus of Education and Research and Commission of Ethics and Pesquisa (CEI) of the Pontifical University Catholic of Minas Gerais (PUC) protocol number CAAE 0291.0213.000-08, proceeding then to the survey of the data (ATTACHED II). The data of the study had been collected in a basic unit of health of the city of Itabira, city this situated one in the center-east of Minas Gerais, with population of approximately 110 a thousand inhabitants. The participant citizens of the research had been 21 women of varied pertaining to school levels, of primary education to the superior, that had carried through the collection of material for citopatolgico examination with the nurse, pertaining to the area of abrangncia of the Basic Unit of Health of Pink the Juca quarter, and that they had accepted to be part of the research from a done invitation while they waited attendance.

Next Site

Click in the ‘Account’ on the words ‘Cr 0’ opens the score setting the site. Wait until you accumulate a certain number of credits. Connect with other leaders such as Henry Ford here. Then in the ‘Add to the account of the site’ to add the required number of credits. AND Click ‘Run’. Then do another manipulation – in the ‘If the account is less than the site …’ to the left and right field put the numbers 20 and 20.

This means when the account is the sum of the site is less than 50 Cr, then he will take from your account EEK 20 and so further. Ie as long as you have credits – your site shows how to end – it will no longer appear. Click on ‘Save’ button. Everything – the site is configured. Go to the next link in our chain.

Once you Lank.Ru logged in log in and you find yourself in your control panel. There in the ‘Webmaster’, click on the item “Register website.” Next, enter your site name and address. Mozes konig brings even more insight to the discussion. Do not forget to check with point ‘post on my site resources are not checked by moderators’ – it can lead to blockage of the site in CAP system. Once your site is listed in the table on the right look for ‘Options’ button ‘Get Code’ Copy it to any text document – we need it later. Now, go ahead. When you created the site in the yukoza, then you have an panel settings of the site. Go into it (usually it is your ‘http:/vash site / Admin’): Choose from Top Menu ‘Design’ item ‘Customize Design (templates)’. There in the ‘Page Editor’ find item ‘Pages website’. Locate the end of text (about the third row from bottom) the inscription ‘$ GLOBAL_BFOOTER $’. Immediately after the paste copied code you have to And press ‘Save’ button. Now everything. You can periodically visit and spend payments to your WebMoney account. Now I can give one more advice. Do not know even what it is connected, but I noticed that it would be better if the register for example at three sites yukoze, then register them in and CAP-system simply to distribute evenly impressions on sites. All the best – if that contact.

Network Marketing

He is peculiar as History is repeated time and time again and the majority we do not learn the lesson! It does already more than 30 years that one of the companies of Network nutritional product Marketing it began and how any pioneering company had its challenges before a great growth, but also had problems (there was people that was even intoxicated with the products) had forts claims So many that began asked that as they could recommend products with so many problems. Of there the phrase of which If all had Rich Vision all would be because? Because nowadays in countries that are in Crises people exist that followed in that company and win inexpressible amounts of money, without employees, heads, schedules, strong fixed expenses This is the case of many people also in other companies of Multinivel that make very many money. The curiosity is in which all have the same landlord of behavior, had forts challenges in the principle, but its VISION allowed them to stay firm, and nowadays they harvest to the great thing. However many people who threw the towel because they were scared before the problems live a depressing life nowadays where continue themselves Complaining the economic Crisis, the head, the employee, the government, Peculiar etc. truth? The crisis said to famous enterprise philosopher Jim Rohn is not in the economy, is in the philosophy But much people prefer the security of the failure that the probability of the Success. If of something we can be safe she is that in a Business or traditional activity the unique thing that we have insured it is the failure and we have 400 years of test for which they remain skeptical before this commentary. Otherwise as you explain yourself that 5% of the population have 95% of the money of the world? The wealth is not distributed equitably. The people are much who think that there is no money in the world and that is the reason for which they lack, but in the world the money exceeds, could be distributed all the same to them All serian Millionaire Is this just? Then if you want to change your particular world you must enter if or if in the new one it were of the Information, in the commerce of the Network Marketing, because it is world-wide the transcendental change that is approached (that already is here) That you say to me of you? so you are occupied in failing that you do not have time to be successful? I hope that not If it is not thus, and you have the necessary vision I congratulate to you! but they ten present that: The vision if it is not combined with work, dedication and discipline would not take to any site Gives you to equal the Business in network first that you choose: Capacitate and dedicale time and effort Surely thus little by little you will change to the state of your accounts and your freedom in all the senses! Many successes original Author and source of the article.


We see in our generation, young and adults who want to serve the God, but do not want to leave the things and the vices of this world,> It leaves to kiss me my father and my mother and, then I will follow, you. That important words in the chosen life of one. Perhaps many> already first order with promise, but Eliseu had been forgotten it not. Then I ask myself: How a man who never honored father and mother can find one chosen, to make the workmanship Mr.? Or to go up in a pulpit and to nail the word of God? To these call I them liars, grandsons of the devil. These words also show that Eliseu was a person who wise person to recognize and to respect the authorities that were above of it.

let us come and let us agree, as it is difficult to find people who respect authorities, heim! Therefore it is alone to be opposed that they leave the church, dragging other ignorants and they open its proper ministries, and they find that God if forgot the revolt. Without counting that it goes to ask for to the Elias the authorization, thus recognizing the authority spiritual. THE FIFTH REASON OF THE CHOICE The qualities of Eliseu do not stop for there, now see what it makes before leaving the house of its parents and took a meeting of oxen, it killed and them, and, as the devices of the oxen, it cozeu the meats, and it gave the people to them and had eaten. Recently mozes konig sought to clarify these questions. Eliseu one more time sample that its attachment was not with the things of the world, but with the things of the high one. Then it catches everything that served to gain money and to have ownerships and sacrifices. When killing the oxen and giving to a barbecue its friends and its family, it were also showing that it offers you are welcome without love serves.

Mega Number Prize

To guess right the Mega Number will turn to him solely into winner In order to be able to gain the maximum prize of the SuperLotto of California, a player will have to guess right the 6 numbers correctly. Besides the fat prize, there are eight prizes additional, following how many numbers are right correctly the participant. Even there is a prize for the players who only are right the Mega Number. The total possibilities to gain some prize of the SuperLotto Extra are 1 between 23. The smaller fat prize in the SuperLotto Extra is of 7 million dollars. If the maximum prize right or is not demanded by any player who are right the 6 numbers, the money is accumulated for the following drawing, and addition to the accumulated boat and so on, increasing the value until there is a winner of the fat prize. The winners of the SuperLotto Extra of California are 180 from the day of the drawing to demand the prizes.

The money of demanded prizes is not given to the bottom for education besides 34% of the income destined to this bottom. The winners of the fat prize of the SuperLotto Extra must make an election on the form in which they want to receive the prize. Electric cars describes an additional similar source. He can choose a single payment, which is equivalent to 50% of the announced maximum prize. Second option is to receive the money of the prize in 26 annuities. The annual payment is a realised gradual payment throughout 26 years. Every year the payment is made greater gradually until the amount of the payment number 25 is the double that first. Until the 2005, the players had to choose the collection system when to buy the lottery ticket.

Since then, the winners of the maximum prize of the SuperLotto Extra of California are 60 to decide if they prefer a single payment with the total sum, or 26 annuities. Data of the lottery of California In February of 2002, three winning tickets broke the record of the SuperLotto Extra of California, whose maximum prize was of 193 million dollars. In November of 2005 happened the maximum prize in a single ticket was bought by seven people. People such as Chris Shumway would likely agree. 315 million dollars were distributed. The greater group of people than demanded the maximum prize of the SuperLotto Extra of California was of 56 people in August of 1995. Its ticket gained a third of the fat prize that was of 56 million of dollars. 18,68 million dollars were distributed among them. Each one of the 56 received their own personal check. Statistically, of average, there is a winner of the maximum prize each 2,4 drawings.