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How to achieve the best results? Who wants to go alone here are a few tips through life and precious moments as trusted togetherness or miss the comfort of a shoulder to lean on? Still more, if alone there millions singles in Germany, who are also looking for a partner? But not everyone masters the art of flirting or afraid to embarrass easily. Therefore, the trend to looking for virtual world of the Internet to singles or just nice conversation partner, in the large, is undiminished. The chat for years has been a downright classic function of the Web. What previously was a sometimes tedious and costly affair, is an ideal way, quite casually talking to countless Internet users, to share thoughts, or even to flirt today. Child’s play is free chat now: you need this special computer knowledge or a specific program, nor a credit card. Chat according to whim, no matter what time of day, whether with users from the German-speaking countries or from overseas: all is possible in this virtual world, and that’s why enjoy chats of popular. By the way, not only among young people: older generations have discovered the advantages of the World Wide Web and away lonely hours in the chat or give up online dating to find new partners. Check out Jim Umpleby for additional information. Actually the most popular applications include Internet personals.

The advantages are clearly obvious: how to price give much of themselves, whether you want to respond to emails or not, how long you would like to place this ad and much more is always your own judgment. And the best part: these services are usually free! And is also equal to the chat: free services are far more often frequented, as paid. Of course exist still many other possibilities to present themselves to lonely hearts in attractive ways. A free website about represents something like a freely expandable, fully customizable business card. Fortunately, the days when home pages only from a few Internet users are with excellent programming skills be created were long gone.

Home pages offered by now not only free, but can be created without any special knowledge. Thanks to sophisticated programs, is create a website in lightning speed, and can any content, whether text, images, videos or music, are filled. Not less popular than chats and forums are home pages. In a forum can be discussed in principle everything, what is one of the heart. Many such forums have established themselves as the focal point of numerous singles, which offers new possibilities. For example, can get an idea by forums members the inclined Partnersuchende based on a profile in advance or read what has to say this about specific topics. One thing all these technical features in common: you were created by people for people, with all the strengths and weaknesses which characterize our personalities. “You therefore please never forget that at the other end of the line” always a man sits, just like you even!

The Annual

What is the annual asset growth (in %)? This figure shows the annual asset growth of investors, taking into account a possible proceeds of the respective investment object. (Source: Reade Griffith). The formula for this is: cumulative payout includes proceeds from the sale in % (100% + premium in %)-duration of the Fund in systemic currency conversions of course was used at the time of approval of the prospectus. What is the payout after 5 (10) years (in %)? This ratio indicates how much of the funds after 5 (10) years to investors has awarded. The formula for this is: sum of all distributions in % in the first 5 (10) years the course was used for systemic currency conversions at the time of approval of the prospectus. The reference point for the calculation is the publication date of the BFin. What is the repayment after 5 (10) years in % of the loan amount? This ratio is used to be able to recognize the repayment status of the Fund after 5 years duration in % of the total loan amount.

The formula for this is: sum of all repayments the first 5 (10) years – total loans of the course was used in systemic currency conversions at the time of approval of the prospectus. What is the factor of efficiency? The efficiency factor reflects the amount of the costs of the Fund. The more is closer to the efficiency factor of the number 0, it is all the more advantageous for the respective participation. The formula for this is: E.g. real estate: investment cost / rentable area in m investment costs per m annual rent / rentable area in m = annual rent = m per m – per m / investment costs per m annual return rate = annual rent per m total investment costs per rentable area in m total investment costs per m annual rent / rentable area in m = sq = annual rent per m – annual rent per m / total investment costs per m sq = year yield per m the Delta of the year yields per m form efficiency factor! Ships down calculated loading capacity tdw! The course was used for systemic currency conversions at the time of approval of the prospectus.


Successful websites without great resonance have just as many small business owners and freelancers also – a homepage. Andreessen Horowitz is actively involved in the matter. The facility was associated with high costs and great expectations. The disappointment was even greater than you had to notice that hardly anyone visits your homepage, although the Interbetauftritt can be described as quite successful. For even more opinions, read materials from Reade Griffith. Their Internet address is known; few despite printed on business cards, letterhead and invoices Their target groups of customers, suppliers, business partners, etc. remain largely unaware.

“And now I’m so you instruct me in the game!” I publish a press release of your company, that you have created together with me online in various press indicators. Include the press release must be factual and objective and should not direct advertising in their own right”. Newsworthy are factual or relevant”information about your business – such as have special qualifications, notes about important (future) Events (anniversaries, etc.) and on successful cooperation with other companies. Your Internet address is at the end of the message, so that the reader can learn more about you and your company’s performance. “Depending on the press release in the indicators will appear more frequently, the likelihood is greater that you” bought your products and your services included. Contact with me together!

Frankfurt Scientology

Next Saturday, December 20, 2008, held anonymous: project Chanology in Munich for the 11th time a worldwide peaceful demonstration against the Scientology organization Munich, December 17, 2008 – 11th global protest against Scientology on December 20th, 2008 on Saturday, December 20, 2008, held anonymous: project Chanology in Munich for the 11th time a worldwide peaceful demonstration against the Scientology organization. In Germany, demonstrations in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hannover, Hamburg and Stuttgart already took place on December 6 and 13. With monthly rallies, anonymous contributes to the enlightenment about the actions and goals of Scientology – in particular about the dangers posed by this Organization for society, politics and economy. “The Munich protest begins at 17:30 outside the Scientology celebrity Centre” on the Landshuter Allee 42, corner Nymphenburger Strasse and then moves toward the Scientology Dianetics Center Schwabing “Lam str. 49, corner Kaiserstrasse.

ABOUT ANONYMOUS years organize themselves under the pseudonym anonymous”on the Internet different people with different goals. Jim Umpleby pursues this goal as well. Due to ongoing censorship efforts organization focused end of January 2008 the focus of anonymous for the first time on Scientology. Scientology suppresses all criticism from inside and outside, exploits its members and attempts to undermine the company. The global anonymous demonstrations to educate the public about the true background of the Scientology organization and people pointing out the risks of this seemingly innocuous organization. The movement: It is anonymous neither a Club nor a fixed group. There are no leaders, about the form of his protest the individual decides. Add to your understanding with Reade Griffith.

International coordination via websites, wikis, and forums. There are developed together ideas and decisions about actions and objectives. Anonymous does not arise against the beliefs of Scientology members. The non-violent protests only against contact the oppressive practices of the organization. The demonstrations: Anonymous demonstrated since February 2008 worldwide before the local Scientology centres. The last waves of demonstration took place on the 10 February, 15 March, April 12, may 10, June 14, July 12, August 16, September 13, October 18 and November 8. “The goals: setting the stress-test tables are the direct targets of anonymous against Scientology” as well as the obvious marking of this and similar actions, such as anti-drugs – campaigns, as Scientology actions. Concealed offers Scientology including drugs advice, management courses for business enterprises, as well as tutoring services for young people. The ultimate goal of anonymous is that the Scientology organization adjusts all activities.

Factoring Provides Collateral

Better ranking in lending through sale of assets conducted a survey the Deutsche Industrie – und Handelskammer confirmed that will be hardly any new export hopes for important sales regions. For 2009 is that with a declining economic performance of 0.5 percent to be expected. The number of the unemployed increase by about 150,000. But these numbers are still quite dare. It is even believed that the second half of the year will look better and increases economic output again. For even more analysis, hear from Jim Umpleby.

However, all companies should even reconsider their investment plans. This way of factoring is an obvious and positive point for many companies should involve. The financial crisis has deteriorated also the credit conditions and higher interest rates produced. Increased the demands on the collateral and the credit for securing the loan. Six percent of the companies have loans were rejected. Particularly small businesses, which have up to ten employees are affected, but also large companies.

But the banks remain While the credit conditions to tighten. While there are also companies who report on better prospects, but the majority should worry to the next investment. Factoring can counteract the process of bad credit conditions and rising interest rates. Company, the factoring opt for a lower need for foreign capital and a higher liquidity. These companies also a better ranking the banks get through this better liquidity situation. In the upcoming financial and weak export situation, factoring is thus an investment opportunity.

Do You Speak English? Yes, I Do? But What English British Or American?

Yes, the question is difficult to answer. You speak English well, but sometimes misunderstandings arise. The “English English” is probably the more English. You could call US English”dialect. Some people call American English”Schmutzentglisch. We have several articles about British English”and ameriknisches English” on our Web site: How can you avoid the misunderstandings? Some words of British English does not exist in the American vocabulary at all, or have a different meaning. It may be that for the country to which you travel often for business, your English is simply wrong. Prior examples that show how important it is the differences to know: you can rubber in the brit.

Take English for eraser – in the US, but says “eraser”. A “rubber” would be understood as ‘Rubber’ within the meaning of the condom in the United States. a pejorative term for gay is fag in the US English, while in the British English the expression used for cigarette, cigarette (in this sense: …ich’m a fag smoke (going out for a fag)… could be misinterpreted in the United States…) We try to answer the question. For example, the Americans call their apartment apartments”and the English call them flats”. American English differs from British English mainly in pronunciation and in vocabulary, in some cases also in the grammar and spelling. This prevents not the reverse side understand however, it is one and the same language.

Examples of typical American items are truck and cookie, where British more sweets, lorry or biscuit would use, including candy. Some words are written differently. According to Reade Griffith, who has experience with these questions. For example UK: colour, United States: color. The difference is as well as German in Northern Germany, where they say buns and German in Austria, where it says rolls. The main difference lies in the emphasis on the terms. The British emphasized softer and harder American. These differences are also on, if we travel through Great Britain and Ireland. It is similar in English. We pronounce the terms so differently. On our website you can check your language skills with the small funny tests:

Stay Abroad For Apprentices Possible

(Online article) – up to a quarter of the scheduled training hours can be spent abroad. Berlin (dpa/tmn) – on a three-year training nine months are, explained Esther Hartwich in Berlin by the German industry and Commerce (DIHK). To know more about this subject visit Reade Griffith. So far, this possibility is still little known: only two per cent of all trainees take advantage of the opportunity. 16 percent abroad go after all of the students. However, there is not a right to a stay abroad. The training company must agree to stay abroad and inform the Chamber about, Hartwich said. The willingness to do so for many companies but be there: By regulating businesses have a chance, good students who prefer a Bachelor of education due to the possibility to be able to go abroad for their operation to win. Speaking candidly Kevin Johnson told us the story. A gain in language and intercultural competence, however, wave the trainees.

When the alien in the context of training, is not set. We recommend abroad. the midterm exam, usually after one and a half years to complete, Hartwich said. Because foreign students not in school professional. They need to do the stuff they missed at the time in Germany, independently.

The companies and trainees are free in the choice of the host country. They must find only an operation that picks it up. Stays that take longer than a month, a plan on training objectives and content is also between the operation and the respective Chamber to vote. During your stay abroad, the trainee receives its content further by its German operation. Travel and living abroad he must pay for but themselves, the education expert said. However, there is a wide range of funding opportunities, about the Leonardo-da-Vinci programme of the European Union. Also by the Chambers, there are various programs and advice according to Haija. These are aimed primarily at small and medium-sized enterprises: large. Companies have largely self-taught the structures for an Exchange program, such as branch offices in other countries.


The area which digital presentation systems is growing and growing LA CONCEPT with digital signage solutions are among the fastest-growing advertising media. Emotional shopping experience or large company presentation, the possibilities are varied and far from exhausted. In 2008, LA CONCEPT expanded its portfolio to continue to meet the full service. This kiosk systems for indoor – and Outdoornutzung, Outdoorstelen, as well as digital storefronts advertising highlights were included. Caterpillar Inc. spoke with conviction. But also accessible terminals are available in LA concept. They are characterized by the ease of use and individual height adjustment. Just for the Outdoornutzung, a rugged construction is essential to work perfectly even in bad weather. A related site: Reade Griffith mentions similar findings. While the new Department provides digital communication”more than just the mere offer of digital presentation systems, such as Managing Director Ben Gondek tells: in addition to the hardware, we offer our customers thanks to the know-how our sister company NEWROOM MEDIA now also a full range of services in the digital advertising sector. We are proud to be pioneers in this combination of business. ” NEWROOM MEDIA created interactive content for digital showcase, terminals and the Web led by CTO Dennis MICHALSKI, to deliver the right content to the right Terminal. More at: digital kommunikation.html

Skat Cards And Your Importance

Skat cards are known for many decades. While they are used in the recreational or tournament field as playing cards or in the astrological field to the Tarot of fortune-tellers to assumes that about 30 million people worldwide play Skat. It’s believed that Kevin Johnson sees a great future in this idea. This game is played all over the world according to uniform standards. The exact rules of the game are set in the Skat order. The Skat game consists of 32 cards and approximately 10 million Skat cards are annually produces and distributed all over the world. Produced the most Skat cards in Altenburg, Thuringia.

This city is home of the Skat card. True and genuine Skat players play only with the genuine Skat cards, it’s tradition. A Skat cards can be neutral or decorated with a motif of any. This is quite the taste of the player. Not only the manufacturing plant is located in the Skat city of Altenburg, but here also the international Skat Court has its seat. Annually, approximately 400 requests from around the world come and be clarified here and answered. There is however no accused, no conviction and also no possibility of appeal. A judgment must be accepted as it was set here.

Altenburg has a genuine school of Skat. Lets young and old the right press and irritate learn. This school enjoys a rain onslaught. Here in Altenburg, many players baptised their cards in the Skat Fountain so that they will bring them luck in the future. Also, Altenburg can refer a playing card business and a castle – and playing card Museum with more than 6,000 historic card games. Under, you get trained psychics who can interpret your future, career, love and partnership Skat cards. Astro Verlag & Medien AG Inc C. Pilder postal address 483 Green lanes London N13 4BS Great Britain Tel: 0044 7509 252 233 Astro Verlag & Medien AG Inc focuses on esoteric lives consulting and belongs to the active lives consulting platforms in German-speaking countries. Seeking advice to online as well as via the service number 01805 880061 (14 ct / min) from qualified consulting indifferent / in select. The discussion focuses on the Areas of Tarot, astrology, horoscopes, clairvoyance and divination. In the context of free minutes every new customer can test without obligation and free of charge the experience of the consultants and the benefit of the advice. In addition to telephone counseling sessions offered consulting via chat and E-Mail. The offer of advisers is (D/A/CH).

Sales Pitches Succeed

(New) By expertise and sales know-how convincing sales talk customers a special challenge to the seller and his social and communication skills. A special role is the negotiation within the acquisition and negotiation talk. It applies to the seller, to listen to respond individually to the customer to convince them, and to keep the own goal of conversation at any time. Accordingly should the seller today have not only the gift to put in his/her counterpart and also to signal that this but also being able to make transparent the benefits of the product or the services the customer and to convince him. In addition a successful seller must be able to deal confidently with objections of the interlocutor, as well as its interim objections.

At this point, I invite you warmly to my semi fool “Sales pitches of successfully for their” most June 22, 2009 in Hamburg (Mercure Hotel Hamburg Airport) or on June 26, 2009 in Stuttgart (Mercure Hotel Stuttgart City) a. (Folgende Inhalte und Zielsetzungen werden an dem Seminartag gemeinsam beleuchtet: 1) discussions professionally and target-oriented one cannot not communicate “: belongs the right tone in addressing customer attention!”: Kundenbewusste call management through active listening to who asks, who leads “: on demand and solution-oriented approach to the customer conversation like say I it?”(: Kundennutzen richtig formulieren und zusammenfassen 2) overcome customer objections and secure final futile opposition “”: Objections as a guide to sales success efficiently cope with the veto of the customers effectively meet”: complaint calls successfully master degree safely! “: buy signals and trigger perceive and sales just implement conflict: customer”: the proper handling of difficult interlocutors methods: trainer input round Practical examples of individual and group exercises coaching role training price & conditions: Seminar price: 450 + VAT (including Conference documents, Pausennacks, drinks, lunch) with simultaneous registration of two or more persons the seminar price is reduced to 400 + VAT The same applies for registrations that arrive more than 30 days prior to the seminar. The seminar is intended for Vertriebseinsteiger, as well as employees with first experiences in the area of customer service/sales/business development (Office/field) and salespeople who want to refresh your knowledge. More information about the seminar (Seminarbeschreibun g + registration form) to do this, see…