Employees License

Obtaining a license, so you get a permit to the opportunity to do a certain type of medical activities. It is understood that the therapy, surgery, orthodontics and other activities declared separately. Take care of the license as the apple of an eye. Part with it very easily. May select the license for everything. Even if, for example, only correctly filled magazine autoclave sterilization. And rightly so. We are talking about human health.

Of course, you can register themselves to run a license. But if you do not have time and effort, contact specialists. Now there are many firms that provide this service. Document for one type of activity stands in their 1000 to $ 1500 This includes obtaining permission from the bti, from fire and other bureaucracies. Employees How many employees must serve a dentist's chair? According to regulations a dentist can work 6 hours a day. If you want more and you want the clinic operated around the clock, then work on one machine will have to hire four doctors. Accordingly, for a clinic in the two chairs of their number doubled. Every doctor should work a nurse.

Here, of course, you can save money and offer a nurse operate on two doctors, but in this case are likely to malfunction. Because its assistance may be needed simultaneously to both. If the room is large, it can not do without orderlies, who will direct it in order. Salaries private clinics have nurses usually from 3000 rub., the nurses – from 6000 rubles.

Director General

Many firms in the season increased the cost of rent – an average of 15%. Leasing According to Ivan Razumov, car rental company is better not to buy cars, freezing the considerable resources and take them on lease. This requires significantly less investment. – In this case, include the cost of lease payments to the cost and accelerate the depreciation of the vehicle, – said Yudin. – Besides, usually two and a half – three years of car rent, is written off and sold. At the same time it loses 30-40% of its original price. There are various car leasing scheme, but the most common is as follows: – First of all, the customer is required to make an initial payment of 20-30% of the price of the car – says Director General of the leasing company "Kelvin" Sergei Dianin. – Then he makes a certain amount each month – up to 3% of the total cost of the machine.

As Typically, the lease term is 25 months or more. After this time, hire a company or acquires a vehicle, fully paying for it, or return it to us and we will deal with it implementation. If the lease payments are $ 500 per month, and revenues from the rental car to rent is $ 1000, half of that amount remains distributors. The service life of machine rental companies deliberately limit two or three, sometimes even one and a half years. Typically, after this time the machine is not only loses its appearance, but also begins to much of their time idle in repair shops.