The Mystery

Therefore from the holistic education we can add the dreamlike intelligence or intelligence of dreams, the objective of the schools is to develop all intelligences with a sense holistas, in this way the concept of intelligence is pluralizing and rises to a range of equality in academic and non human capabilities. We talk about learning styles, which is about the different ways of getting knowledge, they are natural styles of our mind to know the kosmos, the theory of learning styles is against attempts to standardize education. Learning cannot be love if not loves life, this notion leads us to understand that in holistic education curriculum is life in all its manifestations, in education holistic works to develop comprehensive, intelligent human beings. Because love life is love learning, traditional education operates out of the love of learning because it works with content and information exclusively, instead in holistic education students learn how to use their minds, like asking, how to listen, as investigating, etc. Holistic education is not a purely cognitive function, is not something that happens only in the head, is a process social, physical, emotional, cognitive, aesthetic and spiritual, is an act total, transformer. The action and talking are fused, when limited to a child his speech, his ability to act is limited, here the teaching is seen as support of learning and not as his driver. On the epistemological pluralism brought five resulting epistemological relations of the interaction of the three eyes with the three areas of reality, sensoriomotor knowledge, empirical knowledge, the knowledge hermeneutico-fenomenologico, mandalico-philosophical knowledge and contemplative spiritual knowledge. Human beings are not mere processors of information, but thoughtful beings able to perceive the mystery of our existence. Know and be are intimately related, knowledge is created by the intelligence which is an inner experience, the experience of being, holistic knowledge is something more than mere information, know is the Act of awakening of consciousness.

Paranormal Dimension

Reflection is one of the principal means that leaders must learn from the past. Warren Bennis Introduccion parapsychology to enter in trying to give explanations to Paranormal phenomena invites many disciplines in an interdisciplinary way to help bring its raison d ‘ etre and collaborate to find convincing answers on this occasion, we motivate our concerns about it, in delving into the concepts, scope of the Fourth Dimension, since in she strange Paranormal phenomena occur such as: disappearances of people sometimes objects, occurrences and because not so commented phenomenon of ghosting (OBES) and others. Since then this don’t intend to point out categorically that there all Paranormal phenomena, are manifest simply is a concern expressed to the parapsychologists and scholars of this science investigate it, since the Fourth Dimension, can be the input to a fascinating universe. Possibly my technical training and my preference in the study, the environment, and everything to do with physics and Cosmology, help me go into parapsychological science, trying to find explanations to the parapsychological facts, I motivate subjectively go into the Fourth Dimension, therefore in this opportunity I will refer in a general way, leaving the promise that in the future according to the inquiries you make I will submit more extensive work than what is in that article. Brief background gives us the Wikipedia connection, that the term fourth dimension appears in various contexts such as physics, mathematics, and science fiction. The meaning is different in each context: in physics, refers to the fourth dimension to speak of the time, mainly from the exposition of the theory of relativity..


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