Economic Development

In the same direction, the PEC of the reform tax, when extinguishing the social contribution for the Program of Integrao Social (PIS), will finish as an important source of financing Deep it of Support to Trabalhador (FAT)? whose resources are directed to the expenditure of the Program of the Insurance-unemployment, of Wage Allowance e, at least 40%, to the financing of Programs of Economic Development in charge of the BNDES. In its place they pass to be destined 6.7% of the product of industrialized collection of the taxes on income (TO GO), products (IPI) and operations with good and renderings of services (IVA-F). The tributes that will be extinct with the reform tax will have to reach the sum of R$ 153,8 billion, in this year, as the prescription forecast of the Budget of 2008. In this sum the incidence of the Desvinculao de Recursos of Unio was considered (DRU), as demonstrated in Table 1. These prescriptions are tied exclusively for deep social that finance the politics of the social security (social assistance, providence and health), education and work.

Its extinguishing means the dismounting of the financing of the social politics, as the exclusive prescription structure defined in the Constitution, since 1988. The resources for these politics will be repassed by the fiscal budget, placing the social area in mago of the prescription dispute with the governors, mayors and entrepreneurs. This goes to occur for two reasons: first, because it will be the same base of allotment of tributes of the states and cities; second, it has one strong pressure of enterprise sectors for the increase of the budgetary expenses with investment and for bigger disinvesting of a charge social tax of taxes and contributions. Today, the DRU transforms part of the resources that would have to be destined to the financing of the social security in fiscal resources for the composition of primary surplus e, for consequence, its use in payment of interests of the debt.

Google Adwords

More down you can see in that countries and cities look for more those products. By all means it gives many but data, but with these at least two you can hacerte of an IDE Another form simple know whichever people are selling these products is to use the bar search of Google. You place the same key word in the finder and you determine whichever announcements payments (I connect sponsored) has. Although here also it is necessary to handle very well these data, it is a simple form that you she will indicate if you can campaign in Google Adwords. If the number of sponsored connections is or very little little, this means that there are few sites competing with that key word and this is an encouraging data that it is not much what up to here I showed to you, but you are a nascent one is too much, you must work these programs to learn it.

Once you have already found your niche, that you know well what you are going to sell, you have left some things to do, that is to say they are: To choose the suitable name (dominion) that will have your Web site, after an interesting analysis search. To choose the lodging for the Web site (hosting). To prepare the Web site where you will sell products, if you do not know to do you will contract it (to webmaster) placing information, images and data (the contents). To prepare some alternative pages of landing (landig page). Autorresponder, that will allow you to make a list of subscribers (hot list) and to program stops it to send mails or bills of sale (mailing marketing) with supplies, discounts and promotions?If it is necessary to add a payment platform to him (Gateway of payment). Among others things.

And finally to do publicity of the site in Google Adwords doing to compete to several announcements (a con others) trying to optimize the results to lower the price of the cost by click (CPC) and also of measuring permanently these results (Google Analytics) and of managing to increase amount of sales (conversion). Finally: although it seems very complex I assure, you that it is not it as much, only requires of that puts hand to the work and begins in one go, soon on the march you go obtaining experiences own (those that but will serve to you) and little by little you will become a professional of e-commerce and you will be handling several businesses in the network. But you do not worry, because I repeat to you, that although you do not create it, is not most difficult, . most difficult, which more hill, which always is delayed, is: . to .comenzar. Very many Luck! White Eduardo original Author and source of the article


Align Selfassessment

Why do evaluate themselves? Is not it easier to live self-sufficient life with anyone without comparing yourself? Well, in general, yes, if you are completely satisfied with their way of life and relationships … If, moreover, those around you love and accept – you lucky man … you, as if to say, unconsciously self-aware person. But not all of it goes by itself. Someone has to work on yourself to achieve this inner freedom.

How much work? Since the point 'B' – a destination we have identified, it is necessary to determine the point 'A' – a point of departure, point of reference, the original position in order to estimate, but how much, in fact, on a need to work. Leaders with high self-awareness are set to their core values and often instinctively choose the best course of action because they are able to see the big picture in a difficult situation. Such People usually know their limitations and strengths, have a sense of humor about themselves. They are able to learn where they need something better, and are open to criticism and feedback. Correct self-assessment allows the leader to understand when to ask for help and when to focus on developing its strengths as a leader. Knowing their abilities with sufficient accuracy allows leaders to use their strengths. Confident leaders are not afraid of serious challenges – any problems they perceive as a personal challenge. The difference between a confident man and unsure is particularly noticeable in the time when you need to do plunge.

Atlantic Mata

For being a sub-forest tree does not possess mechanism of control of constant precipitation perspiration, needing; during droughts its root can go down the three meters more than. Adaptou well the temperatures of plateaus, beyond what the time of rains induces the blossoming and simultaneous matureness of the fruit. In the dry station that goes of May the August (time also of falling of trees of the forests), it favors the harvest and drying of the grains. For being a mesial plant (it does not admit nor much and nor little water) the ground of the hillsides had better served that the deep ones of the valleys. The plant was adaptou well, therefore, to ' ' seas of morros' ' or ' ' stockings laranjas' '. The ground were flat, but fertilizados for the thousands of years of stability of Atlantic Mata that had supplied the essential nutrients. Click Ian Sinclair to learn more.

The coffee is a perennial plant, taking four years to produce, and can make it per 30 years. It was given credit that the coffee would have if planted in land of virgin bush, being that the old coffee plantations were not replantados, proceeding more the falling of trees. One did not prezava the quality and the productivity, investing in the extension. After the forest fire, the coffee feet were planted of low for top thus rains eroded the ground between the rows loading hmus and the superficial layer. The seeds were not selected and they were not stood block-type, therefore these seeds or changes came from purchase or accidental gifts.

They were planted in catch-crops the shade of forests. The 900 plants for hectare planted of 800. The height and the width of the plant harmed the harvest beyond the espaamento to facilitate the development of harmful grass. The weeding was developed with the job of weighed hoes, what it attacked the superficial roots of the plant, responsible for considerable parcel of absorption of nutrients (the nutrients of the ground almost never were recycle and never they were substituted).


Find Good Lists

Find good lists to build your MLM business, in principle might be a little difficult to achieve.Especially when you decide to buy expensive those lists which abound out there and do that in reality do not you bring more than a bunch of garbage that since the will begin by rejection or erased your autoresponder shortly after of begun your campaign. Then what I think to do is share with you some tips that dictate me common sense and practice for a good management of our precious treasure is our list of people interested in our business and who gave us your permission we will send them information concerning our multilevel. In this way, you will find the best quality prospects who will be happy to integrate your network and become a builder of big business. What I think now to achieve a list of good prospects that grow our business is that this list you have to build yourself without artificial aid of any kind. This is how you will find people who will want to participate in your business Multilevel. One way of doing so is through PPC (pay per click advertising). Howard Schultz: the source for more info. This is when advertised on sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is one of the best ways and more quick to obtain the best quality prospects.

Another tip on how to find lists for your MLM business is the use of marketing with videos. This will help you to find serious people about joining your MLM. This will also help you to give a personal touch to your marketing efforts. People like the videos.Another way to get lists of qualified prospects is through social networks, i.e. on sites like Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, etc. This will allow you to connect and socialize with other people with your same interests and related to you, who after reaching some degree of rapprochement can go showing in subtle ways your business offer and without being pushy, it is possible to find interested to integrate them in your downline and thus enlarge your MLM business.