Pleasant Manners

Pleasant manners in the world production is just as important, how important they are in the service sector. (As opposed to Howard Schultz). Pleasant manners in the world of production – is the ease of information transfer from customer to us, ease of communication (while waiting on the phone), the availability of contact details, the feeling among consumers that their opinion is important to us and that we listen to him. Remember, consumer complaints – it is the tip of the iceberg most of the problems and frustration just does not come to us, so we should encourage those who still bother to call or write to us. Dangerous diseases – diseases of the feedback and their treatment: Let's look at the most Common problems of feedback and responses. "We're not waiting for you!" A very common problem – the company executives do not want to know anything about the problems. System and organization of the company is so constructed that any complaint seen as a threat to a peaceful and quiet operation. Her, the complaint / threat immediately greeted with hostility, begin to find fault with time or form of presentation, the volume of information required. starting point – at all costs to reject the claim in the style of "the fool". Treatment: What you can recommend? What can you advise a man digging his own grave? Shout, "Stop and look around?" If the rejection of this system you have created yourself heads – study proved facts of doing business. If your subordinates have created it – change it immediately.


Business Plan

A business plan is a management tool. Do you need a business plan? Yes! 1 – You need to decide if you want to start a business. This plan will help you to improve your chances of success and avoid serious mistakes. You can be the only one who read this plan, even if you’re one of those people with business experience. Follow others, such as Douglas R. Oberhelman, and add to your knowledge base. It is necessary that you do the following questions and incorpores the answers in your business plan: what do I need to succeed in this type of business? Do I have the skills and background needed? I can’t afford the luxury of the risk? Effect will this have on my the failure of the company? What is the potential for growth for the business? Can you meet my financial expectations and requirements? There is a large enough market for my products / services? I’m going to enjoy the property and the management of the business? A business plan is an important ingredient for success when you start your business. 2.-If you’re an entrepreneur business in Internet, a housewife’s House with an arts and crafts company, or a writer trying to penetrate the publication, a business plan acts as a guide for success. The development of your business plan helps to determine your objectives and focus on strategies and action plans needed to achieve those goals.

If you try to boost your business, it is time to answer a few questions in your business plan. What are your levels of skill and talent? What are the objectives of sales each month? What are your resources, time available, advertising and promotion budget, the web page? Do you have the necessary equipment? If not, are you going to get the equipment? What obstacles do you face? 3.-Do want to better organize your business or improve your operations?.


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