It is on par with Chinese tale, old tale. Follow others, such as Google Glass, and add to your knowledge base. Is Bolivar with your apotegmica phrase: we have dominated more by ignorance than by force, who judges the story of descamisante and judgemental manner. It is not discovery of the warm water, but revelation of the cold. Not in any other way could die El Libertador, hated oligarch power mired in misery to dan as a recipe and destination to the class by that power subjugated. Learn more at: Howard Schultz. The caste of Egyptian priests monopolized knowledge concerning the Nile fertile and climatic cycles, fundamental for agricultural activity and then feeding. No one else came in that brief circle custodian of weapons of submission mass then (as now) it is knowledge, dosed, denied or airtight. A priest of those was able to perform miracles, predict floods and eclipses. Powerful, therefore, erected on the prostration of the simplest (or ignorant), amounting to not to read the codes destined for the finest.

Freedom in life dispense was. More time back, somewhat older, Prometheus stole the fire to the gods and gave it to men, for concern and trembling of divine power. Men, therefore, would be powerful, could see more thoroughly and to compete with the immortals. The freedom they had. The titan is chained beneath the mountains, eternally punished. It is universally known the biblical story of the snake giving Apple to Eva, fruit of the forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil, the same to eat you towards equal to God, connoisseur, therefore devoid of innocence, accordingly, unruly or non-enganable. Eva gave the fruit to the men with the known consequences. Some unfathomable power crumbled with the unveiled secret, and the creation was scuttled.

Something of human destiny was lost to win freedom. A great speech, and even frightening, no doubt. Ficciona Augusto Monterroso in one of his stories (eclipse)? already coming almost to the present, time of the conquest? as fray Bartolome Arrazola tried to impress a pile of Mayan Indians to save his life, threatening her with the occurrence of an eclipse (he recalled acaeceria that day) if not freed.

West Clinic

Error 9. Insufficient attention to prevention traditional fear of the dentist resulted in the fact that patients are trying to come to the clinic as little as possible. Usually, the appearance of symptoms. In the West, quite the opposite. Most Americans are constantly monitoring the condition of the oral cavity twice a year visit the doctor hygienist for removal of dental plaque and other preventive procedures. This practice begins with the age of five. Although demand for hygiene services at the present time is minimal, it should be noted that the situation is changing, and those clinics, which will work competently with patients who receive high and stable income in this area of services. To do this, invest in the provision of training for oral health, dietary recommendations, the selection of funds for the care of the oral cavity.

Error 10. Passive relation to the patient is usually considered the clinic visit the patient as a single and independent. But this profound lack of understanding the psychology of the patient. The patient wants to dentists, so to speak, "thought for him." It means that the initiative must come from a visit to the clinic. Once the patient arrived, he conducted a full examination of the mouth and assigned a treatment plan and preventative health maintenance. And then patient receives regular mail invitation to routine inspection or preventive maintenance. Maintaining oral in excellent condition, especially in the elderly, requires the efforts of doctors of different specialties.

It is necessary to coordinate the efforts of these physicians in the same direction. So there must be a physician who is assigned to the patient ("family doctor"), and he directs the entire course of treatment. The clinic provides patient information materials, procedures, recommends certain aesthetic procedures. The same applies to all family members. This practice already exists for decades in the West. Patients are sent regular postcards invitations, organize special family visits, get a special "family" accounts for payment. Faceless in a standard patient clinic in a family clinic is a welcome guest. It is called by name, remember his treatment, follow developments, recommend that certain procedures on the basis of individual characteristics. Statistics show that family clinics, patients rarely turn to other clinics. Therefore, the high cost of organizing a family clinic will pay a constant stream of patients over many years. More discussion of these errors, and other techniques to increase profitability of a dental clinic, we will consider the free online training 'How to open a dental clinic':


Office Supplies

But not only the well-equipped work space affects the quality of work, but also the surroundings. Some office supplies are sensitive to facilitate the daily work. We will understand Still, it is necessary in the modern office: Almost any office employees of the firm can not operate without a computer and office equipment. The second important subject is office supplies, these are household goods for the office, such as detergents, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. Most modern offices have their own kitchen, so there is a need household appliances and food products. And finally, plays an important role furniture (chair, desk, cabinets, etc.) Now we turn to statistics.

In our country, according to official data needs of companies in the office accessories estimated at 133 million dollars, but this is only the official data. In fact, the money is spent several times more. Not surprisingly, the paper disagrees with us to cheer. Every year the consumption of paper only increases. To this rate of consumption is not well understood, because the work occurs primarily on the PC. For example, in 1980, a year before the advent of PC, the computer first mass, global consumption of office paper reached 70 million tons, while in 1997 this amount increased to 150 million, at the same time, growth trend has not stopped.

It is not reduced to the present day, not to mention tomorrow. Stationery and everything else for the office of firm purchase different ways. This may be a retail purchase in retail stores, but often there is the Internet – convenience stores for the office, where you can find practically everything from pens to the couch. They can be ordered with all the necessary delivery and convenient form of payment. This method of purchase is preferred by many companies because of the convenience and timeliness.

Intellectual Capital

Financial capital represents the financial portflio of the company. Intellectual capital: it represents the addition not only, but also the synergy of all the factors composes it (EDVINSSON & MALONE, 1998). So that a company creates good products and services, she will have to be composed of a qualified Human Capital originated by the acquired knowledge and experience of the people, reaching its objectives and increasing its wealth. (BARROS, 2006) 2,3 MESURAO OF INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL One of the main challenges of Countable Science, today if constitute in as to attribute value to the Intellectual Capital, therefore the Intangible Asset increases the value of the company and influence the power of generation of future benefits. The treatment given for the accounting for the investments in Intellectual Capital ignores the value of these Assets, as well as the tax of yield of these investments (LOPO MARTINEZ, 1999). The mensurao of the Intellectual Capital is a complex task, therefore, it involves many 0 variable.

Literature it contemplates a group of four generic methodologies to assist in the mensurao of the Intellectual Capital. The first methodology esteem the monetary value of the Intangible Assets for the identification of its some components that, when esteem, can directly be evaluated as an aggregate coefficient (LOPO MARTINEZ, 1999). Second it is calculated of the difference enters the capitalizaton of market of a Company and the Assets of the Shareholders as the value of its Intangible important or Active resources (LOPO MARTINEZ, 1999). Third the average of Prescriptions before the Taxes of a company is mentioned to it, in one determined period, divided for the average of the value of its Tangible Assets, and the result gotten and compared with the average of its segment (STEWART, 1998).

Project Construction

In this direction, interdisciplinaridade is the legitimate expression of the conjugao of collective in direction the construction of an only project enters the areas of knowledge. In a more specific definition of the term interdisciplinaridade, we have: INTER – Latin prefix, that means position or intermediate action, reciprocity, interaction; IT DISCIPLINES – branch of knowledge means epistem/; DADE = Latin suffix, that means quality, study, way of being. Thus, express interdisciplinaridade to recoup the totality, the general ontologia of the knowledge production. Other terms are used to express a more advanced knowledge, such as multidisciplinaridade, pluridisciplinaridade and transdisciplinaridade. The difference of the concepts between these largenesses consists of: Multidisciplinaridade: you vary you discipline working together.

Pluridisciplinaridade: juxtaposition, you discipline the same of branch. Transdisciplinaridade: a new conception is the overcoming of only making in search of life. The Interdisciplinaridade, in turn, contemplates disciplines them to all working the only knowledge as something. It is the class action in direction to a desire, dream, ambition, elect project enters the fazedores of the process; it is the ousadia of wanting to construct to a society citizen, where its citizens live in an exaggerated level of competition; it is the importance of you discipline them to all in one same level; it is the production of new knowledge; it is to assume activities with the pleasure of wanting to construct a new project; it is a question to assume a new attitude; he is something that goes beyond the integration; it demands questioning, it is a transformation factor, that foresees new searches and change in the attitude to understand and to understand; it is the joint construction and not it simple juxtaposition; exchange of wanting essentially individual for also collective fondness; it is a metodolgica relation that exceeds the verbal exposition, reading, correction of exercises, test, test, but basically a search for the understanding of the knowledge, beyond knowing to make; it is avaliativo process in which the error starts to be plus a moment of learning overcoming; it is not a method, but a taking of decision, a new attitude; Thus, the interdisciplinaridade involves a set of elements and concepts whose practical conditions for accomplishment of and attitudes interdisciplinares are the development of the sensitivity of the art to understand and to wait, of the creation and the imagination.

Professor and Resume

We will go, therefore, in it withhold in some theoreticians who speak on the Resume, the perception of some professionals of the education on the paper of the Resume and its performance in the work environment. The done comments confirm that the abilities that if it looks to develop in relation to the resume are simply to identify and to recognize the resume as a to be followed norm, not exerting its autonomy in relation to education. Check with Electrolux to learn more. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Education. Formation of the Professor. Resume. 1. INTRODUCTION The School is one of the places socially instituted for the pupil to insert itself in the urban culture, so that if it relates with the other and the knowledge.

It is part of a dynamics, where the citizen organizes and interprets its relations with the internal and external world. It is in it that we learn, to read and to write, two basic sociocultural objects in a society scholar. Not to read and to write, today, mean not to make use of the basic instruments for insertion and social participation, for the constitution of the citizenship. It places of form each more evident time in way to an interest of distinct classrooms with distinct necessities.