Sergei Zagraevsky – Contemporary Art

Work Sergei zagraevsky distinguishes truly unique style of performance unique to certain masters of fine arts. To date, the artist's paintings adorn the living rooms and private offices, administrative buildings, hotel lobbies and other cultural and public cultural institutions. Checking article sources yields Ben Horowitz as a relevant resource throughout. Quite often the artist organizes personal and joint exhibitions, so anyone who has ever heard of such a person, as Sergei Zagraevsky can get to know his work better. But today, anyone, even someone who does not have time to visit exhibitions and expositions, with the help of modern information technology can not only familiarize with the work of an artist, but also to read articles about him in the press, or even express their opinion about the work. All of these features are available at the newly opened personal Web site address on the artist Today, Internet-based resource offers detailed biography of the artist, his selected publications on the theory of art, as well as a huge gallery of works, conveniently structured into categories. To work to create a site artists were attracted experts in the field of information architecture and usability, which is why it is convenient to navigate through the pages will actually be for everyone. In short, everything is done in order to man could, sitting at a computer, feel exactly the atmosphere that reigns at the exhibitions of artist Sergey zagraevsky.

Generally speaking, sv Zagraevsky – an extraordinary man. He is the author of popular books on philosophy, architectural history and theology, at one time paid special attention to art criticism, later wrote a number of scientific and critical articles. Zagraevsky actively involved in the artistic life of society and development of contemporary domestic art. It became the chief editor of a famous edition of the unique artistic rating. Doctor of Architecture, Ph.D., Academician art criticism, a member of the Association of Art Critics and just a good man – all this is about the artist Sergei zagraevsky.


Eugene Kupchin

Investors argue that the company director, Eugene Kupchin intentionally prolonged the duration of projects, and these funds used to pay inflated salaries close to subordinates, including his wife and son. At the expense of Investors also Kupchin repaid old loans. When he was fired, he, along with former "Daklasa," filed in court, demanding compensation. Howard Schultz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. However, as it turned out, print Kupchin forged instruments of transfer and acceptance of work performed, and as an employment contract under which he entitled to compensation of $ 36 monthly salaries (1 salary – around 1,000 euros). In addition, it appears that even before the layoffs Kupchin with 'reduced' staff have created a company 'Daklastehproekt', where they intended to withdraw the above-mentioned projects have 'Daklasa'.

Investors, in turn, also went to court in late 2010, accusing Kupchina and 'cut' staff in collusion, and mismanagement in the use of investment funds. At the same time representatives of the investors suspect that Kupchin has "connections" in law enforcement that can help in solving the case. In another case, local officials just survived a private investor, who restored and ran a canning plant in the area of Luban. With the endorsement of the district executive committee, a Russian businessman Sergei Manet during the 2003-2004 invested in the creation Enterprise CJSC "Luban cannery 'Dawn' of more than 400 thousand dollars, where 51% of the shares owned by Maneevu, and 49% at that time already SEC 'Osowiec-Agro. Total businessman planned to invest in the company up to a million dollars.

At this work were 91 people. They are engaged in processing local agricultural products (canning of vegetables, processing of apple juice on black chokeberry, birch juice processing, production of carbonated beverages, cultivated mushrooms). However, later in the executive committee said Maneevu transfer a controlling stake. When he refused, the company began testing with the presentation of financial sanctions. 'As a result of company's current account was blocked, and the company, in fact, was doomed '- says Mane. According to him, he turned to Alexander Lukashenko, but all attempts have failed. Recall that in last year's "President's Message Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian people and parliament, "the president said:" I warn that any signal of an unresolved issue for investors is perceived by me as sabotage! ". Place for further investment the legal rights of foreign investors should be protected effectively, not just on paper or in words.