Natura Cosmetic

For the enterprise sector, the support makes possible new businesses, with social inclusion, respect to the cultural diversity and the interests of all the involved ones, the otimizao of the use of natural resources and the reduction of the impact on the environment. We have diverse companies that they daily adopt planning, control and execution of support in its projects. The companies Natura Cosmticos and Unilever, will be pointed some of its action in favor of the environment. In accordance with the information divulged in the site of the company, since 2007, the Natura Cosmetic disponibiliza of a moved the natural gas, used car for the transport of employees inside of the plant of Cajamar. The substitution of the microbus diesel was one of the adopted measures for the cosmetic manufacturer to reduce the emission of .causing gases of the effect greenhouse. Beyond abolishing tests in animals, the company is, to the few, changing formulas of its cosmetics, leaves scene the animal and mineral ingredients (proceeding from the oil) and enters vegetal raw materials. Sabonetes had been the first line of products to pass for this change, in 2005, in a process that the company calls ' ' vegetalizao' '.

The ox tallow, the raw material most used before, was substituted by vegetal oils. Global the Unilever Company, in last the 10 years, reduced its carbon emissions in 33%, water use in 62%, beyond more than 50% in the generation of solid residues. In 2007, they had committed to reduce it in 25% the Co2 emissions of the energy in its plants up to 2012. The company also presents innovations in its products, through sustainable strategy, an example is the Rexona deodorant, that, with the elimination of the plastic cover by means of creation of a device that stops and unlocks the applicator, I contend 44% of energy, 37% of water, 57% of residues and 33% of Co2 emissions, provide an excellent reduction of the pollution. The change of the packing of the Hellmann? glass s for plastic, reducing the water consumption for less than 25%, and of energy for less than 24%, it offers a level of 97% of recycling in the used solid residues in the productive process.

“Michael Jackson Was Black, Crazy, Sick, Perverted ?

The black community in North American heaps praises on Michael Jackson, claiming that he is their offspring. He was one of ours! shouted shepherds, actors and musicians. Was Jackson someone who identified with their black brothers? For the experiments he did with his skin and surgeries on his face, gives to doubt. When the papers are signed by their dermatologists and physicians, have no validity, or no longer be concerned about the consequences of his revelations and draw the rags in the sun, we will know the truth about the color change of the controversial Michael Jackson King of Pop was eccentric, declined to be black, and depending on the version of specialists, underwent a bleaching process becoming inject material, which transformed not Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, as he intended, but Snow White. By the same author: Howard Schultz. Not only did he want to be white, but he rented a blonde’s belly to hold the sperm, presumably from their dermatologist Arnold Klein, that their children are also the same dye. However, publicly vowed Jackson preserved cells in vitro cloned their children were theirs. Done refuted by DNA tests.

The eggs were not claiming to be the biological mother, Debbie Rowe, who now claims ownership of the children because he believes he found a thriving business postmortem ex-husband. The breeder left the baby in the hands of Michael, as agreed, and not seen again. The fragile and delicate Jackson said he loved the big and clumsy English. For Afro-America, Michael Jackson was black because it was successful.


The Importance Of The Business Card And Label Rules

The business card is a very important icon for who has active the professional life. It is the door of entrance for the one creation networking, that is, the people who belong to its gamma of professional friends. For this reason it is very important that it well is elaborated and well writing, therefore is it who goes garantr good a first impression on the receiver of the card. To make business card is not difficult, is enough to follow some small regrinhas that it does not have as to make a mistake: 1) Layout: its business card must contain only the necessary information and in summarized way. It tries to create a slogan with its main strong points. An example can be: John doe – Mechanic of tools Specialized in machines 2) Leaves its well clear contacts, such as: telephone, address, Well-taken care of email etc. with the excesses, it is not necessary to place its residential telephone if you do not work in house.

3) Not rasure, glue, clipping or kneads its card. It remembers that it is its first impression, is what it goes to make to the other to know you for the first time people. If the telephone number moved, or you moved of email, or the impression left wrong, prints the card again. It is better to print the card of new of what to be rasurando and writing the hand its new email or telephone. 4) Carte in a specialized place prints its, that is, a graphical. Not to use those daily pay-ready formats of detachable cards that leave barbs. This not good cause impression. 5) It makes the possible cleanest card.

It does not full its card of figures, photos and images unnecessary, well-taken care of also with the colors, it prefers tone colors crayon, or uses the colors of its company. Now that you already know as to make its business card, we go to see some label rules on as to deliver them and to receive from its colleagues. a) It knows the alias process to deliver the card. You generally perceive this hour, exactly that she does not know, the people you go to start to change the cards, then uses to advantage this hour. b) When receiving a card from its colleague, does not knead, folds or simply it places in the pocket. It reads the card for a respect question. Good these are the tips, who to want can comprementar them, are enough to comment

Green Roofs

Modern green roof system should contain the following layers (from top to bottom): * plant, often specially selected for special applications; * engineered plant environment (substrate), which in general may not contain soil * landscape or filter cloth, which contains the roots of plants and plant environment and at the same time permeable; * special drainage layer, sometimes with built-in water tank * rigid insulation xps (Primaplex); * traditional roof design with roofing / waterproofing membrane with included protivokornevymi dobavkami. two main types of green roof systems: extensive and intensive. They differ mainly the cost, the thickness of plant protection and selection of used plants. Extensive green roofs (often unexploited) are characterized by: * light weight * Low capital investment * used a small variety of plants, * the minimum requirements for .Rastitelny substrate, usually made from a mixture of sand, gravel, broken bricks, expanded clay, peat, organic matter and a certain amount of soil. Substrate thickness varies from 5 to 15 cm, its weight in saturated with moisture status ranging from 70 to 170 kg/m2. Due to the small depth of the substrate and extreme climate on the roof, which resembles the desert plants for green roofs should be low and hardy. Usually this alpine and native plants, or plants from arid regions. Usually, the plants watered and fertilize only as long as they do not accept, ie within one year. After this period, measures to support the green roof include only two visits a year for weeding and checking the roof membrane.



There are no trifles, rather, depends on them all. Can not be that simple? Invest money and wait for them? Repulse. " Typically, such an approach leads to sad consequences. Caterpillar is often quoted on this topic. Confectionery showcases Vena, produced by our company, designed to take account of many years of experience pastry departments and a cafe with them. Ben Horowitz may not feel the same. One of the problems faced by the staff of pastry is the need to shift Perishable products showcase the cold room overnight. As a rule, cold stores operating in negative mode and frozen goods. In the morning, customers who choose to drink coffee and cake, risking their teeth pieces of ice. To prevent this from happening, our windows maintain a specified low temperature throughout the volume.

To do this, instead of the usual glass windows are applied. The powerful cooling unit easily copes with a full load of merchandise displays. All that is necessary to the seller, it lay a fresh product instead of sold. Clean and neat appearance – things without which you can not submit work of all shop and shop windows in particular. For facilitate cleaning in the window provided by reclining front glass, it can wipe it without removing the goods from the shop window. Design showcase designed to meet the specific trade confectionery. And the big cake and a small cake will be clearly visible to customers, because the lights have all four levels of computations. Classic, yet soft forms of display set the tone interiors and emphasize a good taste of the owners.