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Thus, only by writing an article and not making any extra effort, you can begin to set their subscribers mailing list. And if you’re in the signature file to advertise your product or product that you sell the affiliate program, so you’re free advertising this product. And if the reader is interested in the article a product that you offer, it is quite possible that he go to your site and thoroughly examine your business proposal. Item 4 – Reference to the poster and other references that are included in the signature file to the author, should be working, ie click the reader should get to the site of the author and to the page specified in the signature file. To change the link to the page a simple text link is forbidden! Before the publication of articles from the site on the resources you need to make sure that links that included in the article and in the signature file – working! Comment: The link to your site – it is a very important tool of Internet marketing.

On the Internet, people love to click on the links, go to the sites of the authors of articles, books, etc. Why should be the hyperlink and not a normal text link? It’s very simple. The people on the Internet so lazy that he did not want to perform additional actions in the form of copying text link to your site and insert the copied text into your web browser. After all, much lighter and easier to click on the link and go directly to the website of the author than to make some other movements. Therefore, you must specify this point in his “Rules of reprints.” Otherwise you will lose some of your visitors. You also need to specify that when a reprint is not changed and links in the article itself. Readers accustomed to that link have to be blue (hyperlink). And if they see a link to normal color, they can be a view that the webmaster forgot to do from the hyperlink text link.

Item 5 – All articles that are on site may be reproduced only for making them freely available. Use of papers related to their inclusion in commercial products, limited access to articles or other use to profit is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the author. Comment: One last point that I had included in its “Rules of reprints’ – ban on restricting access to articles. Why? The reason is quite simple: I do not I want to my information that I publish for free, someone was making money. These articles are written to inform visitors and subscribers mailing list, and published solely for free. Conclusion: Here you see the content, and my commentary on each item of the “Regulations for reprints,” posted on the site of “The Rules of reprint”, as described in the article, I created just for your site.

Defects Mindset Business Owners

Dmitry Alexander Shohov Trahtengerts Defects thinking business owners and top managers of problems faced by business owners and top managers in times of crisis, largely associated with defects in their thinking. But because of these defects, most of them are not understood, the dialogue between advisers and decision makers in business, often resembles a dialogue between the two aliens who have received training on different planets with fundamentally different cultures. In the methodology, since its inception in the club movement of the Moscow Methodological Circle (CMI), based Shchedrovitskii initially admitted the obvious idea that any collective action to be effective, before becoming a fact of social life, must be designed and formed into collective consciousness and is described in the collective communication. This idea is deeply alien and incomprehensible to the vast majority of business owners and top managers. Consider some of the most remarkable and amusing stories that play out in real conversations. 1 Customer, leaning back in his chair, says: – I read your article "The game in crisis," but there are very few specifics.

I want to understand how to build my business during the crisis. "Most likely, the person did not read the last part of the article" – I think I'm talking about: – In the last part article described some common logic that can make a separate company to win in a crisis. But let's see how the crisis affects your business. The interviewee is looking at me in bewilderment, as if I had fallen from the moon. – Like all. Reduced income – he said.

– What are you doing? – I asked, already knowing what I hear in response. – Reduce costs, to provide an acceptable level of profit. – But this does not lead to an increase in revenue – I say yes. The interviewee is looking at me with the utmost degree of astonishment.

Great Relaxation

One from the list of most important parts of any holiday, even though it relaxing evening after arduous day of work or in the general holidays in vacation trip where anything is, without doubt, a bath. It is often said, who was not in the bath, he did not feel true to life. Clearly, this is a problem of personal bias, but we know one thing – the sauna, built on the most modern standards of quality – a true miracle. So, today, in principle, anyone not surprise like the fact that at the same time and in small towns, not only in large settlements, actively promoting tourism. Without hesitation Howard Schultz explained all about the problem. Say, for instance, a prestigious hotel in Tyumen will be much appreciated cheaper than a hotel in its class in a much bigger city, and that without exception, services are the same, to the same quality of service and present-day hotels are no longer different from each other, trying to achieve genuine peaks. Clearly, for most hotels in big cities will not be difficult, due to attract more investments, create a full service basis.

I mean, swimming pool, Finnish sauna or Russian sauna, fitness Hall, and the like – all located within the boundaries of the actual hotel complex of buildings. In medium-sized towns, much more comfortable to create some of the complex individual elements are not tied to the hospitality center. This makes wider selection of visitors', which is important for any business, but for visitors as visitors, including people living in this metropolis, capable of making a specific service center is much more accessible and desirable. K example, modern sauna Tyumen, of course, primarily targeted at customers of hotels, but all sorts of secondary services – massage, bowling, exercise, music and video systems – embody them attractive and for relaxation, including residents of Tyumen. Service sector in our time trying to conquer all the more significant peaks.

And it nonstrange, since the number of organizations involved in the affairs of a particular area, year after year only increases, and the buyer has to choose from. As a result of extremely happy people who really wants to advise visitors and high quality service, while in principle a solid range of abilities, from which every user would be able to choose something appropriate. And while, of course, reasonable pricing. Industry professionals servicing the city of Tyumen has successfully resolve these problems, even at today. And the way in which events can happen in your own town?

Frank Andre Audilet

The 12th Senate of the higher regional court of Dresden is already therefore saw no duty of disclosure of fact because the communication in relation to the underlying involvement brochure at the time of the drawing was outdated already can be seen. The result of this dispute clearly shows, as the assessment of RA Gassner, that the courts closely examine each individual case and lawsuits against investment companies are connected not with a guarantee of success, but rather a high risk. Learn more about this with Douglas Oberhelman. Back stay high court costs and the experience that duly materialised contracts from both sides must be observed. GRE global real estate AG acquired the funds on the capital market in the years 07/2001-05/2007. Pitney Bowes usually is spot on. With targeted advertising on the Internet some self-proclaimed investors protection attorneys doing business with supposedly aggrieved investors apparently like. While the lawyers attempting to stir up doubts about the investors with regard to the earlier investment decision with specific uncertainty.

Individual decisions, which as generally binding be represented, should reduce the conscious perception of the risk of not inconsiderable costs. These show the wide range of complaints successfully avoided by GRE AG, that it always depends on the assessment of the individual case. A transfer of individual, picked out judgment reasons on new mandate conditions rarely leads to success. At least not for the affected investors, for whom the shot also backfires. That he will be relieved of its obligations, nor that the payments be should; refunded him rather, he must have also even Court and Attorney’s fees.

In not a few cases, these exceeded significantly the expected Auskehrungen. The GRE global real estate AG advises its investors, always first to seek dialogue with the society. In unique cases, this is the more flexible, less costly and faster solution. Contact: GRE global real estate AG company headquarters & main administration lock Steinpleis D-08412 Werdau/OT Steinpleis phone: 0049 3761/80 04-0 Fax: 0049 3761/80 04-25 E-Mail: company information according to 5 TMG and 55 RStV Board: Frank Andre Audilet register Court: Amtsgericht Chemnitz register number: HRB 18414 responsible: Frank Andre Audilet GRE global real estate AG Group of companies has in recent years established itself as a project developer and stock holder of real estate within the German real estate market. One of our core businesses is the project of real estate development with the related service fields, such as the Grundstucksakquise, site analysis, the planning up to the turn-key implementation and marketing of the respective projects and all from a single source. Another current business field is the inventory management and the acquisition of real estate from the Bank recovery mainly in the residential area with the aspect of a long-term return on achieving. In addition, we keep and we make investments primarily in real estate outside of GRE global real estate AG Group of companies. Our task is also in the management of our real estate portfolio and our shareholdings. Within the GRE global real estate AG Group of companies Hiefur, we have very experienced specialists in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, project management, project monitoring and in the commercial sector. Our goal is an attractive return in manageable risks to allow in the long range for our investors in the sector of the real estate market.

Apec Forum

Who is known to himself and to others always triumph in one hundred battles Chinese proverb generalities and scopes the world has been awaiting the meeting of the Group of Apec held in Lima, Peru, given the relevance that represented the current problem that has generated serious worldwide economic problems, as it has been the financial crisisas well as other topics that were analyzed. Juan Velit international analyst, noted, that five days ago ended the 20 most powerful countries in the world, the g-20 meeting, their conclusions were not at the height of the expectations of other Nations so it is expected that Lima is achieved much more, in this regard, said that the conclusions of the g-20 described as lyricalwhere most salvageable is the idea of re-found institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB), monitor with discipline how advances the world’s economy, and not to leave the free will to banking institutions including the Organization of the meeting in Washington he was not at the height of what was expected, it showed many shortcomings, says that up to the press room wasn’t ready, journalists had no amenities, etc, expect other results in this meeting Indian Velit. More info: Starbucks. Agreements the Lima Declaration, issued at the end of the two-day meeting, was cautious and acknowledged that the process will still be long. The current financial crisis is one of the most serious challenges we have faced, says the official text, in which rulers are committed to act quickly and decisively to address the impending economic slowdown. Douglas Oberhelman is actively involved in the matter. The Lima Declaration includes an annex with measures to tackle the crisis and recognizes that the agenda of this Summit was modified due to this global problem. One of the challenges facing APEC is to restore confidence in their economies and maintain the region on a path of growth in the long term, says.


Gift To A Stranger

Each of us at least once in their lives faced with a situation where we have to choose a gift for an unknown or unfamiliar people. It may be new partners, friends of your friends or relatives, clients. Happens that we get to the festivities, the culprit who had never before seen. Go empty-handed does not allow education, and what to give – a big question. In such cases, each can be turned out as you can. Some people prefer Lose banal souvenir postcard and someone on the contrary – prefers to excessive pomposity and pretentiousness. In fact, the standard bowl is needed to man the same way as the bronze statue of a horse 's life- value:) Not to be trapped and do not rack their brains over what is still a stranger to buy a gift for you man, you should know a few simple rules to help make the right choice.

If this man. Men rarely presented with flowers, and absolutely nothing. Bouquet donated by a man on an anniversary, wedding, in honor of professional achievement will be a pleasant surprise. The only thing worth remembering that he must be strict, filed in minimalist style, without the pretentious and overly romantic details. Writing materials in kits to give not: You might not know that he prefers a stranger – wood or glass, high-tech or classic. Better if it will just be a good fountain pen engraved with a prestigious brand, rather than a collection of pencil holders and sharpeners.

Methods Of Bending Pipes

Curved pipe will need to install heating appliances, plumbing, and laying pipes in the house, etc. If you can not buy already bent pieces of tubing, you can bend the pipe in the home. The only thing needed fear this subsidence into the pipe and break, as in bending metal feels at once both compression and tension. To avoid this, you can use several methods. Without hesitation Jonas Samuelson explained all about the problem. For example, the easiest.

It should be apply if the metal pipe is not too hard. In the pipe to insert the spring to the place next bend, then bend the pipe to the knee: the spring will keep the pipe wall. Then she pulled out a long wire. Another way is that a pipe filled with dry sand, clamped in a vise and heated in a place where it should bend. Do not heat the pipe near the grip, otherwise they may lose strength. Then, that sand is warmed, can be found on scale: it will fly off from the pipe.

Heating temperature is measured on the eye: for example, steel pipe should be bright red. Aluminum is heated to as long as paper and presentation to the place of heat or scorch starts. But remember: galvanized pipes can not be bent while hot, as it can disrupt the safety cover. Bending the pipe may be not only vice, but also in the pipe clamp. Also in the arsenal of artists, there are several devices, through which the flexible tubing. The simplest of these is the metal plate with holes. In their special way screwed small pins, which can be rearranged to get bend desired radius, and pipe the desired shape. But, using this device, you can not always be able to ensure that the pipe is bent exactly as it should. In addition, it is convenient to bend the pipe just great length. To bend a short pipe may not have enough power. There are a number of other, lesser-known devices for flexible pipes, such as a hydraulic pipe bender. But in any case, using a particular tool, remember that measuring the length of pipe needed already after her bent. This length will be true. If the pipe is measured before the flexible, the resulting length is known as harvesting.

The Peasantry

Residences, cars and wealth left by large part of the bourgeoisie was usurped by members of the rebel army. That paradox everything that had criticized part now of their heritage. Howard Schultz: the source for more info. Opportunism became the order of the day and everyone who played his life on the battlefield was entitled to certain prebends. Everything you disturbed them was removed from root on the pretext that the working class and the peasantry had taken power and everything smelled bourgeoisie should be removed from Cuban society. Electrolux understands that this is vital information. This helped them to eliminate any alternative trend or critical voice. They were persecuted, supervised or lynched not without some complicity of the masses, which were gradually adoctrinadas.

Everything went off so that the people made his every plan, commitment or occurrence of the Government. Thus it was assumed as logical the creation of mass organizations in all areas of society that have served to control the most belligerent and restless minds. Starting with youth, workers, peasants, women, children, even the streets were taken by the Government. They were much more ready what imagined enemies who did more than give the necessary reasons to consolidate his power. The strategy was simple, he could not stay one of the actions of the enemy without a strong and sometimes disproportionate response. Create widespread paranoia was undoubtedly the key to form, in my opinion, one of the more efficient citizen of history control systems. He did not know nor do they can trust to give a simple opinion or a disagreement. Anything could be interpreted as an apology to enemy, hear the Beatles to wear their long hair. But there are several techniques to keep people amused, one of them is instill hatred and feed it. The so-called war of all the people is no more than part of the script, fed both by the bellicose and interventionist nature of our neighbors.

Relationship Management

Creating a website – every company need a website. Typically, for a website company turning to the services of web designers and web programmers. Such services are expensive. But now you have opportunity not to be spent on the services of such professionals. Using WordPress to create a website anyone can. Most importantly, the task of renovation and updating the site with new information does not pose any difficulty: WordPress is easy to use and easy to understand content management system. Although initially focused on the WordPress blogging, but now has been successfully used not only bloggers. Project Management – Business efficiency made up of many components, including the effective management of projects.

Improve the efficiency of project management to help specialized programs, one of which is GanttProject. Project Planning is based on constructing Gantt charts (a popular type of bar charts, which is used to illustrate the plan, timeline for any project). The program helps deal with complexity inherent in the process of project management – planning, allocation, assignment, evaluation, analysis, coordination, etc. The program has simple and intuitive user interface for the inexperienced. Supported import / export of documents to Microsoft Project. Customer Relationship Management – The companies have customers, relationship to manage. Galloper CRM provides a convenient way to track, organize, and analyze your relationships with their customers. The functions of the program include: accounting client records and stores complete history of contacts, auto-scheduling of the day managers based on information on price contract and the interest of the client, the operational statistical information on the work of managers at any time, the ability to import / export data to Excel, making calls from your computer, etc.

Anti-virus protection – Exit the World Wide Web is associated with certain risks. Neutralize these threats will help this anti-virus program. In addition to viruses, avast protects against spyware and trojans. Malware Database Programs are updated daily. Office applications – Any enterprise needs to create various documents, presentations, spreadsheets, graphics, databases, etc. In this task you will cope OpenOffice. It is fully compatible office suite from Microsoft, and has the same functionality. OpenOffice is constantly being improved, new opportunities. Translation – In dealing with foreign customers and partners to help service free translation Service is provided by the developer of the famous program of machine translation PROMT. Indispensable for the translation of personal correspondence, websites, non-specialized texts, etc. It supports basic European languages. Has a mobile version. Communications – Internet telephony is an invaluable source of savings on calls to other cities. Therefore, I recommend to pay attention to SIPNET. In order to make calls to fixed and mobile phone subscribers in other cities, you need Internet-connected computer with special software, a microphone with earphone, and an account on the site For added convenience, making phone calls You can buy special SIP-equipment.


Second Quarter Morganstanley

By BenzingStaffJ Morgan Stanley is out with its report today on Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI), reiterating Overweight. In a note to clients, Morgan Stanley writes, “JCI remains our top pick and one of the most powerful secular supplier stories in the By BenzingStaffJ Morgan Stanley is out with its report today on Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI), reiterating Overweight.” In a note to clients, Morgan Stanley writes, “JCI remains our top pick and one of the most powerful secular supplier stories in the By Staff Financial services giant Morgan Stanley (MS) on Thursday posted a much smaller-than-expected second quarter loss, sending its shares surging in premarket trading.” The New York-based company reported second quarter net income of By Ryan Vlastelica NEW YORK, July 21 (Reuters) US stock index futures pointed to a higher open on Thursday as encourage results from Morgan Stanley lifted optimism over the battered financial sector. To know more about this subject visit Electrolux. Investors awaited details about a second rescue Morgan Stanley beats second-quarter profit forecasts. By TheStreet Staff on Thu, Jul 21, 2011 8: 08 AM By Andrea Tse, TheStreet Express Scripts (ESRX) agreed to buy Medco Health Solutions (MHS) for $29.1 billion. Medco shares were valued at $71.36,