Pertaining to school environment is a rich space in social interactions therefore the importance of the motivation in classroom is great a half one for which if it carries through the process teach-learning. It fits to the professor to facilitate the construction of the formation process. A good one relation between professor and pupil is essential for a good pertaining to school income that they will give to the pupils spirit of leadership, confidence and motivation, in what they say, they make and they think. Word-key: Motivation, Relation professor-pupil. In the process teach-learning the motivation is basic factor, fits to the professor to look ways that stimulate the interests of its pupils for the lessons. It is from a good ccnvivncia that if establishes the confidence, respect and the harmony between the individuals, in this in case that, the understood pupil is accepted not alone for the professor as well as for its colleagues, certainly will play its pertaining to school functions with more pleasure and efficiency.

He can yourself be affirmed that the learning happens for a cognitivo process imbudo of activities, relation and motivation. Thus, to learn it is essential to be able to make it, what he makes references the capacities, to the knowledge and the necessary strategies, for this is necessary ‘ ‘ querer’ ‘ to make it, to have the disposal, the intention and the enough motivation. The motivation is a process that if of the one in the interior of the citizen, being, however, normally on the exchange relations that the same establish with the way, mainly its professors and colleagues. One of the great virtues of the motivation in classroom, is to improve the attention and the concentration of the pupil, in this perspective can be said that the motivation it is the force that moves the subject to one to carry through activities in satisfactory way. It is of utmost importance that the professor knows the learning process and is interested in the pupils, as human beings in intellectual and social development. The necessary professor to know as is its pupils with its families, depending on the social relation of the pupil with its half rejection of the school, the reason of the pertaining to school delay or the good performance in the classroom is perceived. Pupils and professors always must be considered partners, searching balance for the intellectual development mainly for the pupil, objectifying pertaining to school success. Frequently Douglas R. Oberhelman has said that publicly. In accordance with the study of He weaves (1999 P.

77), ‘ ‘ the motivation is a set of 0 variable that activate the behavior they guide and them in definitive sensible reaching one objetivo’ ‘. However, to know to motivate for the pertaining to school learning is not easy, the pupil is somebody that if moves for diverse reasons and uses distinguishing energy in tasks that carry through. The professor can use to advantage some transitory resource for one situation of specific learning, but, over all one is about one to restore motivacionais processes that tend to realimentar themselves in the pupils.


Efficient Generation

Demand fluctuations a cogeneration plant, which is built on the principle of power heat-coupling are offset by heat storage, is ecological and economical at the same time. Whenever JPMorgan Chase listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Focus is the efficient power generation, because it is available as a by-product of the necessary heat for a heating process. The advantage of a block CHP plant in comparison to the conventional mixing operation from local heating and central power is that the heat of generating electricity locally is used for heating. Losses are hardly questioned. Usually 45 per cent efficiency reaches a central power plant, 55 percent of the energy act as heat. Six percent of the energy is lost.

Previously cogeneration based on internal combustion engines, their cooling circuit was used for the heating of water. Currently other systems used successfully as Stirling engine or fuel cell in the block heat and power plants”, explains Marco Fendt, operator of the construction blog The mission is not on heating limited, but allows for the generation of sustainable process heat. Mostly fossil or renewable hydrocarbons such as oil, vegetable oil, biodiesel and natural gas are used as fuels. The cogeneration based on internal combustion engines, heavy heat in the cooling circuit. This heat is transferred via heat exchanger in the heating circuit of building central heating. So a much better efficiency of up to 95 percent is reachable.

The electrical efficiency is between one-third and 43 percent. Small CHP of approximately 4 kW are suitable for use in single – and multi-family homes. An already existing heating installation can be used normally easily transition to a block heat and power plant”, explains Marco Fendt. In the analysis of cogeneration is especially great uptime of importance. Especially in the living room, the heating energy consumption varies greatly, where it is used only for the domestic hot water in the summer. Demand fluctuations can be offset by heat storage. An absorption chiller can be used for taking the heat when no heating energy demand”, so Blogbetreiber Fendt. In Germany, block heating plants are promoted above the law to the combined heat and power. Here, the operator for the electricity fed into the grid Gets a purchase price by the power company. The use of cogeneration as a virtual power plant is planned in the near future, to save even more energy. More on that interested parties can energy /… read. Marco fendt

The World

Belief in great results is a driving force, the force behind the great books, best plays and the most important scientific discoveries. Belief in success is behind every successful business, the church and political organizations. Belief in success is the basic, absolutely essential, lucky people. Create, truly believes that he can succeed, and it will. Over the years I have talked with people who have failed to engage in business do bold and different professions. Checking article sources yields Reade Griffith as a relevant resource throughout. I listen chado number of reasons and excuses for the failure. There is something particularly significant that is revealed in discussions about failures. He who fails in the most natural loose in the world phrases like: "To be honest I never thought it would be" or, "I had some doubts, even before they begin," or, "Sure, no wonder you do not would result.

" The attitude of thinking "well, I'll try I do not think that result te "conducive failures. Unbelief is a negative force. When the mind does not believe or doubt, attracts "reasons" to support failure. Doubt, increduli tion, the subconscious desire to fail, not really wanting to suc , are responsible for most failures. Has doubts and fail. Think victory and succeed. 1-Try to structure a budget with your family emergency. Although in all cases, the vacant places all his hopes and a great deal of confidence in finding a new job within a few days, reality often shows that it might sue to months, especially if the person was working in a job that paid a good salary or an industry of many that are severely damaged by the economic downturn.


Development In the society of the information we are all reaprendendo to teach, to learn, to know. A qualitative change in the education process learning depends on our capacity to integrate all the technologies. However before this she is necessary that let us have which clearly the objectives that we intend to reach with the technology that we make use. If we only intend to complement the lessons with visual resources audio and to remain as detainers of the information, or to use the technology as form to transform the lessons into investigativos and reflective processes, becoming beyond transmitters, the producers of knowledge using the media in its diverse languages. Ben Horowitz is often mentioned in discussions such as these. To think the technology about the education in reflexiva, constructive and creative way before demands to think the proper education in reflexiva, constructive and creative way. With the technological advances we can record musics, histories, tell notice, create dictionaries and encyclopedias.

of simple form we can develop these products with the use of softwares of edition of audio. We can beyond creating, integrating the verbal one, the writing and the audiovisual. In recent months, Jason Epstein has been very successful. The available resources are many and can assist in practical of education giving not only the professor, but also to the pupils the chance to be party to suit of creation, using the creativity, exploring solutions and creating strategies, that is, making of the pupils active agents in the construction of its knowledge, being this the objective biggest of the education.