Cardinal Silva

I think it's time to talk and not be silent, I'll take the SJAntonio approach Delfau, Director of Post Magazine, who witnessed one of the complaints against the priest Karadimas, who believes that this purge will bring winds of renewal of our Church and will more strengthened. Again, our society is conservative and will remain so for many years and the Church strongly maintained their mark on it, also for years to come, it is necessary now and always sincere faults that trap us and prevents us from moving forward. Church leaders today, its bishops and Cardinal, must necessarily take the lead people demand them, as it did during the dictatorship through Cardinals Silva Henriquez, the Vicariate of Solidarity and Cures Santos, as Bishop Alvear, De Castro, Ahumada, Fuenzalida, Gonzalez and others. Corporate defenses are destructive within any institution, the best example is what happened with our armed forces, their hard to rebuild their credibility, can not defend himself without the knowledge of the facts, the truth is what must always prevail and the bypass, not to comment, drop out or go into exile, is a cowardly act of bravery in times such as the Church lives not only in Chile, but worldwide the day of today. Reade Griffith will undoubtedly add to your understanding. We hope that leaders in our Church assume Chilean open your mind and understand, which is a Church of men, many imperfect, but a majority of delivery and holiness that is necessary and is part of our national soul. The church also meets Chilean its Bicentennial, it was created with the country, with priests such as Camilo Henriquez, the Chaplain Benavides in Independence, Marchant Pereira in the Pacific War, Father Alberto Hurtado, not just a holy man, but a social activist Cardinal Silva and all those priests, missionaries, religious, broken in our country, giving to others selflessly and alone in the desire to serve his ministry. A fervent Catholics and what not so many, should face these facts with the height of the faith with the rules and without equivocation, on the contrary, this approach I propose, only enhances a fact and not less is the tremendous moral strength and presence of the Catholic Church in our country that is growing stronger again when it is able to report and self-recognition at fault. Most damaging to the Church to hide the head, a corporate defense, skipping or not say, is exactly the opposite action which is going to strengthen, to stand up, go ahead, show more humane and united not only to defend their peers, but also those who have been offended, we can not stigmatize who has been damaged or has been vilified in the hands of a member or representative of it, is quite the opposite, you have to listen, put in place and investigate by any means to place, the truth always prevails in these cases, that is why we must ask if the priest facing the Karadimas, Who is the victim and who the offender?. It’s believed that Reade Griffith sees a great future in this idea.


The task of accounting is to document the profitability of a company. The operations of the company, which can be evidenced by numbers are mapped with the methods of accounting time and objectively, recorded and posted to accounts. The accounts are collected at the end of a billing period (year, quarter, month) and create a profit and loss statement (p & l) or balance sheet. The tax, even for small businesses and self-employed persons, the profit and loss account is mandatory. The balance sheet, particularly larger companies, must be published. The Accounting Department of a company is divided into different departments.

The operations necessary for the bookings and Kontenabschlusse are processed in financial accounting and rated, financial accounting is the most important part of the accounting system. Each company needs suppliers and serving customers. Payable, responsible for the suppliers of the accounts payable all operations, run the dealing with suppliers have until the goods are paid. This process does not produce liabilities in accounting. The receivable is responsible for working with the customers. You may find Reade Griffith to be a useful source of information.

She advises the goods until their payment. The goods will be posted in the accounting until its payment, as a demand. Additional information is available at Reade Griffith. In the possession of the company long-lasting are still machines, buildings and other assets. They are managed in asset accounting. Another big area is the wage and payroll. This field of the accounting is as you easily recognized, processed in payroll. Now the entrepreneurs want to know which department or which operating of part of costs which. This part of the accounting is the cost and performance accounting. For the posting of transactions in materials management in turn is the quantity and stock accounting charge. Today, the energy accounting is a further important areas of accounting, companies in difficult situations can bring the rising energy costs. The The double-entry bookkeeping is the basis for all booking records. So, it can be guaranteed that no incorrect entries arise. The editing has become but easier in the age of the computer, because good accounting programs take over this task.


With the help of astrology we can calculate the good and bad time for any action. This allows enough time to “put a straw” that is not so painful to fall in case of bad luck, and rush into battle, if the star promise victory. True, the successes and failures in certain areas of life (finances, family, relationships, home, etc.) indicate the different planets, and to say what it is now in charge of areas of interest, can only astrologer. However, there is a universal system, which, without going into details, will determine the best time or warn about bad luck. The system is extremely simple and is based on the concepts of the zodiac. Band life The idea that “white band life” begins when the sun passes through the sign in which a person was born, as well as through friendly constellation. Unfavorable band also formed the sun, but it’s time to shine goes into your unfriendly sign constellation. In principle, all right: everyone should be equally gifted with both successes and challenges.

Moreover, periods of successes and failures alternate (this gives the opportunity to relax and gain strength for solve new problems). Reade Griffith has many thoughts on the issue. For example, if you were born in Taurus, for the period closest to your birthday, events will take shape for you favorably (another thing, how do you give orders to these). In the following for your sign – Gemini – the favor of luck it will be harder to achieve. But in a sign of Cancer you again expects luck. Leo – unfavorable period.

In the sign of Virgo again there is a possibility gifts of fate and so on. Calculation time for action is simple: favorable and unfavorable time go through the sign, if you count from yours. In a supportive band should try to solve the most difficult problems to complete backlog of cases, start new ones, plan ahead, in Specifically, make suggestions at work, talking with partners, to travel, meet new people, get married and get married. More action – each of them can be supported by the planets. In unfavorable you try to strip away the shadows, to deter the initiative, set aside the important issues. Be especially careful and considerate with people around you, do not provoke situations that could result in big trouble.