Handling Errors Correctly Publicly Communicate

Kuchenbecker communication offers new plug-in in the media training for doctors in Hamburg, October 19, 2009. The debacle over fee reform, public statements about handling errors physicians increasingly into the sight of the media. Also the doctors TuV and the public discussion about doctor reviews do the rest. What must a physician disclose without violating medical confidentiality? How does a doctor in the event of a crisis professional to opinion makers? It is considered to keep a cool head in an emergency situation”, says Nicole Kuchenbecker, owner specialised agency of health and medicine topics Kuchenbecker communication. Edward Skyler takes a slightly different approach. We train physicians and executives for this situation clear in her messages and in dealing with journalists. So media can be mitigated account verses or already stops in advance”.

The legal aspect is becoming increasingly important in the public debate. For this reason, Kuchenbecker communication offers an expansion module to the media training: Legal communication from liability”. Priorities here are medical confidentiality as well as the public appearance of presumed treatment failure “, says the agency owner. In collaboration with cord Schellenberg Schellenberg & Kirchberg public relations and a renowned University Professor Kuchenbecker communication offers media training for doctors and health care executives. More recently, the team is supported by a lawyer for medical law. Focus of training is the appropriate communication in the event of a crisis. Special content: the translation of medical terminology in understandable and that any high-profile embassies and the appearance of the physician in the social media age. There are individual training dates and locations and other information communications at Kuchenbecker! Contact: Kuchenbecker communications Nicole Kuchenbecker beet Kamp 132 22307 Hamburg phone: 040 63 31 10 72 fax: 040 63 31 14 69 email: Homepage:

German Telecommunications

It is among other things possible, via reverse lookup”the destination address to determine the telephone number. At the start there is o-NAVI 2.1 already for the following phone models: Nokia: 3100 classic, 3230, 3250, 3600 slide, 5200, 5220 XpressMusic, 5300, 5320 XpressMusic, 5500, 5610 Xpress music, 5700, 6085, 6110 Navigator, 6111, 6120 classic, 6125, 6131, 6131 NFC, 6151, 6210 Navigator, 6220 classic, 6233, 6234, 6260, 6270, 6280, 6288, 6290, 6300, 6300i, 6500 Classic, 6500 slide, 6555, 6600, 6600 slide, 6600 fold, 6630, 6650,6670, 6680, 6681, 7370, 7390, 7500 Prism, 7610, 7610 Supernova, 7900 Prism, 8600 Luna, 8800 Arte, E50, E51, E60, E61, E61i, E66, E65, E70, E71, E90, N70, N71, N73, N76, N78, N79, N80, N81, N81 8 GB, N82, N85, N90, N91, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8 GB, N96. Sony Ericsson: C702, C902, 905 C, D 750i, G502, G700, K 320i, K510i, K550i, K600i, K608i, K610i, K750i, K770i, K800i, K850i, K810i, M600i, P1i, P990i, S500i, T650i, V600i, V30i, V640i, W300i, W550i, W600i, W610i, W660i, W700i, W710i, W760i, W810i, W880i, W890i, W950i, WW960i, W910i, W960i, W980i, Z520i, Z530i, Z550i, Z610i, Z710i; BlackBerry: 8110 Pearl, 8300, 8310 curve, 8800, 9000 bold, 8900; Samsung: D730, U600; Motorola: KRZR K3, RAZR maxx V6, RAZR V3x, RAZR V3xx. The list is continuously expanded. Version 1.0 is also supported for older phones.

About Dasortliche Dasortliche, the leading German Telecommunications directory is when it comes to local search. More than 90 percent of Germans know Dasortliche. What’s wrong with every second without o that he uses at least once every month Dasortliche. Dasortliche published media by about 100 publishers in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom. The total circulation is approximately 34 million copies.

In addition to 1.047 book spending there Dasortliche also on the Internet (www.dasoertliche.de). Online, Dasortliche belongs to the leading suppliers at all and, of course, to the most important pages in the area of local search of online with 10 million unique visitors per month. On the road you can Browse Dasortliche. With any WAP enabled cell phone or Smartphone can be found under the desired telephone numbers and addresses of firms and individuals. Also you can upgrade free of charge his cell phone with the o-NAVI by Dasortliche to the navigation device (www.oe-navi.de). Press contact: PR agency Xpand21 Juliana Hartwig Dammtor str. 12, 20354 Hamburg, Tel. 091 718

Ronald Wissler – Visual Communication Brings Brides Dream

New corporate design for the fashion designer Angela Marion Stockel Frankfurt am Main, August 13, 2009 the fashion designer Angela Marion Stockel, Friedrichsdorf, specialising in made-to-measure bridal and evening wear, wedding and event planning has now a new corporate design. In recent months, ClearSky Business has been very successful. The graphical and typographical implementation, including color and imagery, showing Visual and Web design, set the offer the fashion maker perfectly in scene. Eat through the feel of silk, taffeta, organza, chiffon, fancy jacquards or fine beadwork is palpable with the eyes. The effectiveness of the new corporate identity demonstrates the homepage. The viewer realizes that the most beautiful moments in life are still a bit nicer, if you put it in the hands of a professional. Luscha baumwald can aid you in your search for knowledge. The clearly structured navigation helps to absorb the information provided quickly and motivated to seek contact.

Sensuality and clarity are in harmony in a pleasant way. The new corporate design was by Ronald Wissler. Visual communication, Frankfurt, developed. All the design office in Frankfurt am Main employees have many years of experience in the field of advertising and corporate communications.

CAN-based Communication In Photovoltaics

Communication protocol between the electronic devices to control and diagnostics of a photovoltaic system the CANopen communication protocol, defines all necessary data, specifies the communication between electronic devices and allows the control and Diagnostics in a photovoltaic system. The communication standard developed by CiA, an interchangeability is achieved for the first time devices with same functionality via plug and-play functionality. Thus, manufacturers can supply the growing market with standardized interfaces faster and more cost-effectively. CAN-based communication solutions offer great benefits with a cost effective usage in small and large photovoltaic systems and find a wide distribution, also in other areas such as in the automotive industry. The CANopen seminar in photovoltaic applications”represented the structure, functioning, the usage as well as the benefits through the use of standardized communication profiles. It is addressed to Decision makers, developers, system integrators and component manufacturers (controllers, inverters, Installating – and monitoring systems, sensors etc.) from the photovoltaic industry. CANopen in photovoltaic applications”- operation and use of the application profile (CiA 437) for photovoltaic power systems, will take place on January 18, 2010 in 2009 the Haus der Technik in Munich. For details and registration see: htd/events /…

Communication: Get Out Of The Comparability

How you sstellen the USP of your company/product in times of similar products and services is all the more important to stand out from the competition. Successful communication requires persistence and stamina. Then the communication objectives. With external and internal public relations, support the approach of various interest groups in your company and allow interaction. Further details can be found at World Teachers’ Day, an internet resource. The availability of different target groups and their impression about the quality of your product or company is thus greatly depend on your public relations. Corporate communication you represent targeted, consistent and recognizable your company internally and externally. You, decide, taking into account the communication objectives, what information when, in any medium, at which time, for whom will be published. As well as to the support of the website, the SEO/SEM is necessary, an initiative press – and public relations belongs to the announcement of a company. A good and sustainable communication includes: individual PR concepts PR-events/sponsorship concepts press releases/PR reports, employee and customer magazines operation of online portals for notices of individual press distribution list fair and exhibition concepts you learn more about the many opportunities even with demand in communication agencies. Make you’re talking about – it is your competitors! Matthias Langer identmedia.com


But, the Espiritismo is not alone this. In this manner, the propagation of that the Espiritismo is capable to promote the cure of illnesses that the medicine imputes as incurable it denotes ignorance regarding the purpose of the Espiritismo. The attributed and propagated faith, for the national media – in substance of layer to the global actor who ' ' it unites conventional treatment to espiritismo' ' it can until having its meritrio character, rank that serves of inspiration other people who can be crossing the same drama in its terrena day, but, the expectation and the promise of cure of and a rare overwhelming cancer for the intervention spiritual, which if submits, are a fallacy. Nothing more ominous for the proper Espiritismo of what the diffusion insensata of this promise of cure. No intermediador (mdium, priest or shepherd) can guarantee this. To read more click here: ClearSky Business. The Espiritismo is, before everything, clarification.

because it clarifies, consoles and because it consoles, it comforts. The Espiritismo cannot be vendido as exchange market, collating itself with Science. It was not what professor Hippolyte Lon Denizard Rivail prenunciou much less what foretold for the knowledge field that bequeathed to the thought philosophical-religious-occidental person-contemporary. Not, nor the Espiritismo nor none another religion can assure the cure of the body. Luscha baumwald describes an additional similar source. What the related actor will be able to get for intermediary of the Espiritismo will be one better knowledge of itself exactly; a bigger understanding of its immortal day; the consolation of that its existencial integrity will exceed the fmbrias of what we call death. E, if, really, well will be guided (and nor all are) will cross this moment and this vestibule with lucidity, confidence, serenity, understanding and comfort, and, perhaps, therefore, either capable to become the agent of its cure. Maria Angela Mirault Doctor in Communication and Semiotics for the PUC of So Paulo


The Revolution Of Blogs

New technologies have brought new ways to teach, learn and interact. Blogs have become, not only a virtual diary form, if they are not used for an endless number of communication objectives. Blogs are all the rage, that there is no doubt. They are in the street for a few years, everyone has one, well either for telling what happens day by day, to talk about tastes or hobbies, work, etc also, there are corporate blogs, enterprise-wide or event worth has one, whether to tell news, products, business, presentations and talks, or any aspect that can bring a direct or indirect profit. But blogs also come to training.

Now used blogs from child to university classrooms, happening, of course, by the virtual. Source: Ralph Hamers. Now, many teachers have created blogs as one way of teaching, as a system of involving the student in his learning. Many use services common to everyone blogs: WordPress, Blogger, and an endless more vendors. But that part is the most innovative use of tools created from scratch to suit the specific needs of this teacher, that subject or those students. Many organizations have developed such tools to respond perfectly to the specific characteristics of this blog in particular. It is not the same, a blog to share knowledge, that a blog that wants to be a system so that the children do their duty, a blog of doubts, drawings, or students with special needs.

The universities of half the world they have a time implemented. They have become a way to rescue the knowledge that occurs outside of the pure teaching. How many times we’ve thought we’ve learned more in a talk, in the cafeteria, in the classroom? Learning is composed of formal and correct, actual information, and a large number of factors that are not collected on any site, many are rumors but many others are part of the knowledge of mankind, are the famous no formal information. Learning, both in the University and outside it, is half way between the individual and the collective dimension. All create knowledge during the processing of the individual knowledge in the interrelation with collective knowledge. Blogs enable flexibility in design allowing the student to construct their own knowledge. But the use of Web 2.0 is not limited to universities, increasingly more colleges have soaked new technologies to make faster learning among children. Nursery and primary education teachers use blogs to engage the child in their learning, even the involvement of parents, in addition to the student participates in the society in which he lives is achieved. These blogs for kids are specially adapted so that they can use comments, learn through symbols, and even with services of voice for children with special difficulties. In schools that use blogs as a method for learning There is a family-school revolution, since it is getting the involvement of mothers and fathers that children reach their goal. In many centres, even, classrooms are enabled with computers in the afternoons so they can help their children with homework, if you have no Internet at home. Come on, new technologies are not simple tools that facilitate processes, beyond. They are a way to evolve, to create new types of learning, changing society and encourage the participation of all social sectors. Hopefully that time in full development of the blogs and do not stay in a simple fad.

Choosing Domain

Any person who wishes to upload a web page, confronts the hard challenge to find the best name for it, but above all that meets the necessary requirements in its conformation to be easily accessible and remembered for its visitors. Here are the main points which must be seen during the process of election of the domain: Firstly you must choose a name similar or close to that handles your business, company or enterprise, because this name will distinguish it from other domains on the Internet. Do not choose with care can bring further problems that will be difficult to resolve once hired the service of web hosting and domain registration. Secondly consider all your options of promotion from the name chosen for your domain. Many times the name not lends itself to be used in promotional campaigns because it is not built harmoniously or intending to be easily remembered by which read it or listen; So imagine the future that you want for your company and try to find the ideal name for not only register it but also to promote it.

Sometimes the solution to both points (name and promotion) lies in the choice of a name that includes the activity that takes place in the company or the problem that solves. The ideal is to combine the ease of its structure with the need that covers, so can only be guaranteed that a website or domain name has been strategically selected. If you want to use as part of promoting the optimization for search engines, known as campaigns of SEO, linking keywords with the chosen domain; It is recommended before registering it make a list of words that automatically relate to your domain. So you can realize if the chosen name lends itself to such form of advertising or not. In addition, don’t forget that your web domain name must have few words, especially because a short name allows the user to locate it and remember easily. Even it must be remembered that a domain name is part of the body of the e-mail address that will be and therefore your writing should not be complicated. Once you choose the name of the domain or web page, try to buy it as a .COM extension as other versions such as .NET or .ORG are hard to remember and are even less visited than those that end with the extension that is recommended. Following these tips, you will ensure a promising future for their dominance both in the amount of people who visit it and promotion prospects that may have.

Shakyamuni Buddha

No one said that life is easy, just promised it was worth it to live it. INTRODUCTION the proactive dynamic that manifests itself in the current economic scenario, in which enterprises play a very decisive role in commercial activity, has entailed that they froze large challenges, transformations that impact significantly in people, in their behavior, personality, behavior. Barclays Investment Bank insists that this is the case. Hence, the importance of delving into what meditation can contribute towards personal growth and everything that benefits the person in their health, taking advantage of the life that is given to us to pass on this plane. help us understand why you went through this dimension at a time relatively short that we cannot handle. In this opportunity we will enter in the valuable contributions that bequeathed us the zen meditation so that those interested in these subjects and in their own personal growth consider cu relevance and impact that can be obtained from it. Learn more at this site: mozes konig. Basic, ANTECEDENTESs and scope aspects.

It is known that the meditation Zen (Dhyana in Sanskrit) dates back to the experience of the Shakyamuni Buddha himself, who made the awakening in the 6th century BC. That experience went without interruption from master to disciple, thus forming transmission line. He is not a theory or an idea, or a knowledge that can be perceived with the brain. ClearSky Business often says this. It is the practice of the full attention, that changes our own spirit radically. Means merge with the universe integer gives us Wikipedia as important background, who knew little of Buddhism in Europe with the exception of comments that Christian missionaries had been made since the 16th century until the 19th century. First impressions on the Buddhism of Japan and China are in their descriptions. While through this came descriptions of rituals and behavior, did not just more detailed comments on doctrinal topics or meditation practices. The Inquisition made a severe control above all this material, although the influence of the contemplative practices of zen is visible in prominent figures of that time Christianity, especially Jesuit No will be almost to the entrance of the 20th century, when the teaching and practice of Zen definitely lands in the West openly.

Search Engine Optimization

You’re thinking about hosting your own web site? Before taking step to pause to do their homework. As easy as it sounds, with a website that generates business only will be possible if he has already examined the following important issues across enterprise must essentially have a goal or a purpose. It is the main objective of your website for sale or information? Who is your target audience? Who will be the people who visit your web site? Who will be the majority of your visitors? Once they arrive at the answers to these questions you can then decide on the theme of your web site. Your choice of theme can be done easier by jotting lays down a list of things that are well versed or interested about. Then, some research will tell you if your topic is in high demand. After you have done everything you need, either to develop a product or service that fits the theme of your site or find a product or service to sell that it will fit the theme of your site.

A. then have to decide on what kind of material from his site could provide to achieve its objectives and attract your target audience? You could offer some type of free or a type of exclusion contained in the list for purposes of marketing, an e-book or even a special report. The idea is to get the email addresses of its visitors who gradually become your hot market of people who you can market their offerings to, from time to time. To make operating your web site, you need a domain name. Your domain name must be registered in your name or your company name.