Sustainability, renewable energy, climate protection only a few aspects of new environmental trend change in the social and political consciousness. In addition to his focus on the field of European development, the European circle will now start a new thematic portal on the pulse of time. With the GreenMAG, we want to inform currently now about the most important environmental events and trends. Environmental responsibility has arrived in the midst of society. The need to prevent the collapse of climate is known is Brussels rather than in WG kitchens and hallways of the University, but also in Washington, and Berlin. In the GreenMAG, the reader learns how concrete climate protection in the 21st century, and what opportunities still available to this. But a reduction of environmental protection in ecological aspects would fall short.

Renewable energy sources and sustainable business ideas more and more become an important economic factor. They create jobs and open up new markets at home and abroad. Just in Germany and Europe were early understood the opportunities of the post fossil energy era. Now but others have recognized the signs of the times global players such as the United States, China and even the oil-funded Gulf States. A volatile race for dominance in the power generation which has future started GreenMAG to it! We shed light on political initiatives, community engagement and corporate sustainability, who have made it the environmental claim to the target actions into action. The climate is the most difficult global challenge of the present you can read daily the latest achievements and developments in this field at! Contact: Egon Huschitt, the European circle Thedestrasse 2, 22767 Hamburg T: 040/22817596-0, F: 040/22817596-9 on “The European Circle”: the European circle sees itself as an independent forum for the issues of Europe in the 21st century! The continent is growing together – and we see more than golden stars on a Royal background. We Show risks and opportunities of European integration, even away from the Brussels bureaucracy. What works well, what could be better run and also what was not even thinking. See more detailed opinions by reading what Rob Crossland offers on the topic.. Daily new on!