Americans Dream

The mind is like a garden, you have to fertilize it, care for it, boot the tares, i.e. casting out negative thoughts, spider webs that are the fruit of ignorance and neglect prejudices, deciding to daily enrich your most valuable asset: his mind. Years ago, inaugurated a hospital, one of the most advanced in the rehabilitation of drug addicts in the United States. I was impressed by the modernity of construction, how expensive scientific equipment. It was presented with an extraordinary curriculum staff: professional people, doctors, psychiatrists, conductologos, counselors, a group of high academic quality and vast experience in practice. Besides the clinical facilities, playgrounds, that it had They included gymnasium, music rooms, a sports field. In general, denoted a plan remarkably well conceived for recovering addicts, increasing every day.

That country represents 5% of the world’s population and consume 50% of the total production of narcotic drugs; the year 15 million Americans get sick of depression; they spend more than one billion dollars in medicines out of this so common cold currently, which attacks the human spirit and that is often the prelude to drug addiction. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees was the honor of opening the complex and struck me by its brevity, the content of his speech: ‘ gentlemen, we have gathered resources necessary, both financial and professional, to materialize the dream of a group of idealists: save our youth from drugs. We know that the good more than the bad guys are, but the latter are organized. This work demonstrates that well planned generosity makes reality that for many seems impossible. With a single young that we rescue will justify the effort. At that time he cut the symbolic Ribbon; immediately journalists addressed him with a host of questions. One of them gave me all the answers:-don’t you think exaggerated that a single rescued young justifies this investment, of more than 50 million dollars? His response was forceful and definitive: – If you were my son, would be worth it – does have some ideal in life? Why would it be able to bring his life itself? Do you have a dream to be done based on other people? What does currently by achieve it? Idealist is one who is convinced that the impossible is possible; assumes causes of which he has not been responsible: rescuing forgotten children who live in extreme poverty; struggling to save victims of alcoholism; helping those who suffer from serious diseases, often in countries very different from yours; comforting to those who suffer from chronic neurosis.