The advantages of the party in house are to accurately become the event of its taste, in case that you do not intend to offer to a super structure the cost you will be lesser, the schedule of the party are more flexible, but it will generate much more work with the organization of everything (before, during and later). I will choose the subject of the party Such which the cake, the subject is very important and must be related with the age of the aniversariante. It is necessary to verify if the chosen personage is available for the date. Cardpio the feeding must in accordance with be defined the schedule of the party. In case that the party is made in house, In first place we must consider that amount will go to vary in function of the schedule and the foreseen public. If the party to occur in the schedule of the lunch or supper, 2 situations must be foreseen To offer a meal, in general, a mass with gravy option or two masses each one with a different gravy and simple and also salgadinhos salada during the remaining portion of the party; To offer to salgadinhos varied in bigger amounts that the normal one.

If the party to occur to the afternoon, offers varied salgadinhos. Amounts If the party to happen during the week, probably the number of adults will be lesser. No longer final of week, they will have to appear a bigger number of adults. Party the afternoon: CHILDREN: 5 salty ones, 2 docinhos and 4 small cups of cooling ADULTS: 6 salty ones, 4 small docinhos, 5 cups of cooling. Other leaders such as Ben Horowitz offer similar insights. Meals CHILDREN: 1 plate of mass, 4 salty ones, 3 small docinhos, 4 cups of cooling. ADULTS: 1,5 plates of mass, 5 salty ones, 3 docinhos, 5 small cups of cooling Amount of options of salty: the 4 6 types.