Assertive Conduct

In this article I would like hablarte a little the assertive attitude. To take an assertive conduct goes to help to you to improve the self-esteem, to make and to say the things of right way, without sentirte badly and to make feel badly to the others. To say or to make the things without being aggressive (that is to say or to request the things of bad way, being shouted or manipulating) nor either to get to have a passive conduct (that is not to say what it is wanted and to accept what they say the others to you). You have felt at some time, limited to make or to say the things? It is impossible to say to you not to your companions? It costs to you to accept the fulfilled ones? If your answer is positive some of these questions pon attention to this article so that you can have an assertive conduct and you forget the Low Self-esteem. Sometimes it does not cost to be assertive, by the beliefs of the society, the family or the surroundings have imposed to us, things like for example: – It is not necessary to contradict to the others. This is not absolutely certain, because you must right to give your opinion and not always to be in agreement with the others.

– One is not due to boast of successes, you do not have to say when the things come out to you well, you must be humble. You have right to being recognized to receive flatteries, to comment when you do it suitably to the things. – To people it does not like to listen to your problems, you do not have to oppress to anybody. It is not certain because you must right to request aid and sentirte listened. – If first you think about you before in the others you are egoistic.