Assestment Organization

We have developed a methodology through which can be an exercise in auto evaluation of your organization to identify so ready is with respect to an initiative of centralization on the client. Adopt a CRM strategy does not only consist in acquiring a CRM and software epserar that this will make the company to develop better relationships with customers and increase their degree of centralization on the client. It is important to perform a (assestment) assessment of the current situation and the capabilities of the Organization to face a process of CRM. This self-assessment methodology will help you obtain an assessment of your current situation in story to the basic elements to achieve success on a CRM initiative. For more information on the process of self-assessment, I could consult this page on has become an imperative to develop strategies allowing to be much closer to customers, understand their buying behavior and establish relations more close with each of them. This requires define and implement a strategy of centralization on the client or CRM. Unfortunately, there is great confusion in marketing in relation to what means CRM. Some people think that it is a specialized software to manage customers, others consider that it is the same as relational marketing or Marketing one to one, etc.

To assist companies in a better understanding of the meaning of CRM and above all to identify clearly what are the benefits that CRM can generate for the company, we have been working for several years with a resource called the model of maturity for CRM environments. Another is not something that a tool that allows you to identify which is the State of maturity of the organization in terms of its centralization on the client in 4 fundamental pillars; business processes, people oriented, quality of used information and customer support processes tools. Below we present the tools that enable you to apply this self-assessment. Reach a State of maturity not necessarily advanced in CRM is applicable to any organization, this depends on your relationship with your existing clients and market strategy. However is something exotic today to find a company that is not fully committed to achieving better and closer relations with its customers to meet their business objectives.

Therefore charges much validity define a map or guide whereby the organization gain maturity on his way to focus more on the customer. An initial step corresponds to develop an Assestment or auto-diagnosis of the current situation to identify potential areas for improvement. This also allows better focus its efforts on a CRM initiative. To do this, we have developed a simple methodology of self-diagnosis which makes use of a form that analyzes the State of the 4 pillars previously mentioned initially. We invite you to develop this exercise and if you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us. The form can be down going to the downloads page. To obtain a qualification of your exercise and knowing the State of maturity of your organization in CRM, please login to our portal in and follow the instructions that are found there. We hope that this information will be useful and please take a few minutes to develop this exercise, we assure you it will bring you to their customer relationship strategy.