Ben Youssef

If you have decided to choose Morocco as your place for the next holiday us we suggest the basic places that you can not miss. First of all organize the trip, decides if you’re going with the couple or with the whole family. Search hotel ideal for every occasion, you will have a thousand options to stay. Among all these options we can we help showing you a ryads and chain hotels in Morocco within reach of all budgets, beautiful, fully equipped and secillos. Once you’ve decided on the hotel and you’ve bought the ticket you have to plan you the trip and here is where we propose you the best places to visit: the walls is one of the points of insured tourist destination. Reddish in the afternoon due to its construction using adobe they give the city an aspect of story of the thousand and one wonders.

Not only that but that also according to the light of the Sun can reach to see gold in color. These walls must also highlight the gateways to the city of Almoravid origin. A minimum of 300 mosques has the mosques Marrakech distributed by the city from which one can not pass unnoticed and before return should happen to see any of the mosques. Stand out as the most important 2: Koutoubia and Ben Youssef. Koutoubia is one of the most important buildings of Marrakesh built in 1157 and 90 metres wide by 60 long is one of the largest in Islam. What makes it special is its Tower or minaret (69 meters) being the tallest building in the city, a law that prohibits the construction of taller buildings. 3 Bronze balls located by Yusuf II women in penance for having skipped one of the rules of ramadan can be found in its high. The dunes of Merzouga is is a desert about 20 miles long and 5 wide with up to 180 meters high dunes.

The impressive thing about the dunes is varied color that can get according to the light of the Sun. It is easy to find excursions in 4 X 4 or even camels in the area coming to listen to sounds from the drums of the locals at night. The Palace of Glaui situated in Teuet in means of a steep Valley surrounded by peaks that may reach up to 3800 meters. It can also find a fortress that belonged to one of the feudal families who engaged in large tax collecting all those who crossed their land as passage road to its final destination. The city of Fez is one of the oldest Morocco imperial cities, characterized by its streets that resemble a large maze. This city was built in the year 789 and was the administrative capital of the country for almost 400 years. The impressive thing is that despite the years, its architecture is still intact and visible to all visitors. Now you know the places that you can visit once aterriceis in Morocco and you dispongais to investigate different areas and charms of the place. But I do not forget that these 5 places aren’t the only ones that you must visit if you have time because Morocco offers a wide variety of places for visiting already is by its architecture, culture or diversity of activities for all travelers.