Reabel method, beauty with medical base of the Dr. Muddy Mariela The aging of weaves is an unstoppable process that is as a result of the action of the time. Call also senectud, is this one perhaps the multiest-factor process and diverse than it exists, since each cell ages of different way. The aging takes place of progressive form since we are born and it extends until our death. Genetically he is certain until age we are going to live without great degenerative changes in the organism. However, this cronogram can be modified by the atmosphere, and so the process goes ahead or delays.

Reason why we can say that the aging comes to be the consequence of the lived time and the form to live it. The physical decay affects to different structures and in diverse degrees, with the aggravating one of which the alterations of weaves take place of way silente and involve a gradual diminution of the capacities of the individual. For that reason it is necessary to observe the alarm signs to come to try zones where the deterioration has become more visible. The causes of the cutaneous aging have worried continuously to the scientists and continue at present under study. Since already there are saying, it as much diverse genetic factors as internal and external affect that are necessary to know and to investigate by means of an interrogation and careful medical examination of the patient.

The treatment anti-aging can be preventive or palliative. The visible signs of the aging of the skin are essentially represented by the appearance of lines, wrinkles and furrows, which had among others causes to the increase of the muscular tone of certain zones of the face when gesturing. The three typical signs of the face aging are: – Static lines: The mouth and the nose near the 20 years begin to form around.