Box Room

Room of test Part 1 of 2: Aislamiento and Acustizacin of homemade room of test. Before nothing what I advise to the musician or band is to consider whichever money and effort are wanted to invest in the room. On the basis of that to develop the armed one or improves of the room of test. They think this process like a chain where each link is essential. Don’t mention it serves to make excellent and expensive floating a floor if later is going to have a door of wood raft.

They must maintain the coherence of each element since if it chain will not be cut. And that serious lost of effort and money. They are intelligent and they optimize its benefits and budget to the maximum. In order to begin we are going to let in clear the difference between isolating and acustizar. The isolation as much eliminates or attenuates the transmission of sound of inside for outside as of outside for inside. However to acustizar has to do with the quality of listening within the room of test. Isolation: The ideal for a good isolation is what is called Box in a Box (Box within a box). It tries to mount a structure within the room of test composed of: floating floor, separated walls and ceiling by an air chamber of the original walls.

This air chamber can be stuffed of glass wool (or mattresses) in the case of the construction in dry with plaster plates. While more thickness is the wall but it is going to isolate, so they can superpose plates. First of all they locate that filtration of noise brings more problems to them and work envelope she.