Brazilian Cultural Diversity

Brazil is undisputedly, an uneven country when it is about its cultural multiplicity. The miscegenation of our people reflects our wealth of cultural representations, as well as the difficulty of many of them to guarantee its continuity. when we relate in them to the cultural wealth of our country, is possible to accumulate of stocks: typical dances, religious diversity, artistic manifestations, musical sorts, cultural patrimony architectural etc. The cultural tourism is much more that this, it makes possible to the visitor a direct contact with the reality of the local population that fight of incessant form for maintenance of its roots and its identity. The cultural memories passed of father pra son guarantee the continuity of our popular wealth, as well as the proper survival of these communities. The technological advances and the globalization had become our daily one so uniformizado, that we desire to redescobrir the description-cultural patrimonies, as form of approaching in them of what it translates of so beautiful form simplicity and at the same time the exuberncia of the Brazilian popular culture. The investments in culture Brazil, cannot be considered satisfactory, a time that if observes clearly the lack of real comprometimento on the part of that they possess the power and the capital, wants either to be able public or private. What if it sees they are bargains for proper benefits and valuation of the culture does not stop. While this reality to last, remains in them to keep lighted the flame so that let us not lose what we have of more precious: our cultural identity. Or better: what we are of truth.