Business Education

Workshop – one of the most common phenomena in modern business education. Whatever form it took an educational event – the 'training', 'debate', it has been and remains the main way to teach employees something new, useful. Seminar – a short-term event (duration 2-5 hours), giving his listeners distillation of all the new developments on specific topics. Here is an example: seminars for HR managers. Personnel department in the enterprise – this is the first door that unlocked if necessary qualification for an employee, the necessary qualities. Often, it depends on the health of HR staff. But the hiring manager – is not only a good psychologist, he must also be a specialist who knows the work discipline. Seminars help to learn all the new, modern trends, changes in legislation.

After all, ignorance of the law is no excuse responsibility, and sooner or later, the company could face a lawsuit or even a few of their employees. Personnel officer should and must know how to make sure that this did not happen, and work discipline in the enterprise consistent with the law. Training seminars are experts in their field – people who have something to learn. Organizers serve as a mediator – rent a room, gather students, lecturers are invited. Their role in creating a great seminar – because the people attending the event. could not meet.

Each region has its own atmosphere, so the workshops are usually invited in Samara Samara specialist lecturers, and the Seminars in Lipetsk – Lipetsk. Seminars – are not only learning, but also a way to make new professional acquaintances with personnel services from other companies and firms. Often in workshops attended by representatives of 30-100 companies and their number is steadily increasing. This suggests that the seminars work as well as high re-attendance contributes discount for regular customers.