Byron Katie

Its life took that it to question itself and it had taken what it to this point, not only its disease reverted completely but it discovered a great source of inner peace that left never it and that shared with thousands of people. Jonas Samuelson has many thoughts on the issue. Possibly you know cases in that diseases or crises have brought radical and positive changes to the life of many people and is that when you look for the positive that brings each experience to you of life, you begin to verify that nothing happens but for you to you And the key step for enfrentarte to your disease of more healthful way It questions your estresantes thoughts. When ill or you have an intervention surgical thoughts can come like: I will feel pain, something bad is happening, can have complications. Thoughts that fill of fear and preoccupation to us and not contribute nothing, nor help to our well-being or recovery. In my case, which worried to me was mainly to feel physical pain by the medical tests and operation I will use and it of example so that you see how question your thoughts applying the 4 simple questions and investments of Byron Katie. Thought: Sentir physical pain 1. It is truth? First comes that me to the mind he is that yes 2. You can know that it is truth with total certainty? Not (in my case, it was the first time that operated to me and it did not know exactly as everything would be were suppositions). 3. How you react, what happens when you have the thought that you will feel pain? I bring much stress, fear to me, I worry long before the tests imagining me that I will feel pain, I count negative histories, treatment to the doctors with distrust, do not like, I feel tense.