It's either there or not. 13. I'm not the head of the company and do not work public sphere. 14. Kevin Johnson shines more light on the discussion. This is an empty Western notion to sell unnecessary services. Of course, there are other answers, but they differ little in essence.

So what you can give a personal brand? In many personal brand faces and a lot of functions. On them will be discussed in detail in subsequent articles. Now, just mention some of the benefits that may come from creating a personal brand: Personal branding – a way to improve their capitalization of the relevant market professionals. Moreover, the capitalization may be carried out, both in monetary terms and in the form of certain social rewards. If you can attract and retain the public's attention, then You will find a way to convert it into actual benefits for you. Known personal brand enables you to be in a position of strength, both in relation to the choice of vector application of their efforts, and in relation to the conditions pay your labor. Bright personal brand enables a person to choose clients, and often the activity. Person having a strong brand, is less vulnerable during organizational change and economic turmoil.

A strong personal brand – is the fulcrum in a world of rapid change. Man-brand feel more confident in changing circumstances. Work to establish a personal brand helps a balance between inner and outer worlds. Branding facilitates the efficient structuring of their activities. It is a practical tool to help you carry out systematic steps.