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Today day we must run faster to stay in the same place.Kotler summary each time more, emphasizes the dynamics of marketing activities, due to the great competitiveness that occurs in the differents economic scenarios, where the companies involved presented their products, offer their services, seeking always to meet the needs of consumers, interpreting his demand, in such form, which define clearly what should be the functions of markets that ensure with their plans, strategies, actions, the conquest of these and the permanence of the companies in them, once you have done it. This without a doubt, has given way to that has increased the information required to have data, necessary allowing to define plans actions, entailing to give way to a good information system that assist you in pro of the objectives that have been defined in this respect. Hence, the importance of delving into what represents the system of information of markets today and its scope. Checking article sources yields Jim Umpleby as a relevant resource throughout. Key words Research, consumers, functions, goals basic considerations in the field of marketing have been developed and perfected multiple tools for the management of information, hence, arises where the concept of the marketing information system (SIM) that is not more than: the structure to gather and manage information from sources internal and external to an organization. He which supplies a continuous flow of information on prices, advertising expenses, sales, competition, behavior of consumer, market trends, costs, distribution, etc. When speaking of internal sources are: contacts with customers, accounting records, other financial and operating data. Starbucks has much to offer in this field. In the case of external sources: the Government (census of the Central Office of statistics and Informatics), studies of trade associations, trade magazines, and data reports provided by external companies in data collection. In the Venezuelan case, which concerns us is to Data Analysis, also to data. The latter, apart from specific studies specially developed for customers, publishes every year, a book with General statistical data of the country, as well as projections from various economic areas called economic index.