The majority of children experiencing a bite or bite another child from his first and third birthday. Probably the most common reason is that it is one of the few ways that children can use to communicate effectively with their children’s classmates or their friends of the Park, before they fully develop their verbal skills and get express verbally in a functional manner their feelings, concerns and requirements. However, not all children who misbehave bite, some opt for other forms of communication, such as grab, push, or striking peers or adults to which they relate. What can they do parents so they don’t bite? The motivation of behavior of biting. Already mentioned one of the fundamental reasons above.

Children bite because they are trying to communicate and do not find another more effectively capture the attention of the receptors to which they relate. But there are other reasons why a small can bite. By example, sometimes children bite because they are frustrated and they know no other way of releasing rage and impotence causing them an experience that have lived. Below some common examples are cited to facilitate the identification of your child’s case. A girl can bite to communicate to his companion that not liked that you remove your wrist, or can bite his grandfather by having you scolded.

But it is also possible that the child is nervous because in your family is going through a situation of continuous fights or sees his mother cry and as cathartic method begins to bite each other or even to himself. On the other hand, maybe the child bite because you are experiencing a box of anxiety due to lack of stimulation cognitive, emotional, or driving, simply, as a creative and liberating relax and release tension. For a small child can be fun see MOM putting suddenly erect and very serious or feel a sense of power to have achieved that his playmate starts to cry.