Claude Lanzmann

For many it exists an attempt, despite if it does not justify front to the barbarism, of if studying the reason of a behavior so broken. Claude Lanzmann repudiates all fierce and any consent of such nazista behavior and its possible interpretations, what he is of if understanding. But also if he must observe that such behavior occurred, and of that nowadays, we observe> also certain incoherences and horrors in the human behavior. Hitler as a psychopath, presents a demaggica personality of manipulation, all dissociada, in one to scatter sadism, torture, suicide, genocide, homicide, etc. Thus being, far from me, to want to stifle the badness human being, and in the certainty of the enormous suffering tax the thousand of human beings, fits here an attempt of if discovering the deep one of a tirnico behavior, what it is fit in the pathology of a psychopath.

Hitler as a person mentally unbalanced, in a riot of projected aggression in the Jewish people mainly, in a disfuno in the structure of its EGO, nothing more made of what to assassinate a society, and also to automutilar themselves, and if to automatar. (it was a suicidal assassin). society of the time also evidenced a complicity in one TO MAKE COMFORTABLE ITSELF, one TO ACCEPT, until seems that Hitler with its all powerful esplendor of chancellor, encegueceu a nation that, prudently it accepted without any questioning..