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A second pillar for small and family-owned company, a windfall for private household, are good solutions to raise more money. The realization requires new knowledge. Earn money with a network of partners. This is the dream of many entrepreneurs who daily, serious work as it was as a clerk. Are responsible but for the staff and the Administration and sales. The search network partners under pressure of time turns out often as a nearly impossible task.

The same is true also for private individuals who want to earn the job. A partner can be carefully built network in 60 days with the right Kommunikatiion to the right place. IBM pursues this goal as well. Painfully, in these days, we need to know that is a challenging task to raise money. Large companies such as Credit Suisse, Swiss life, and more are considered creditworthy less. So spoken still hesitant loans as a result. The IMF, International Monetary Fund, a forecast for 2009 in the Switzerland Reduction of growth of 3.0% (1.6% in 2008) and sees a continuing downward trend in the longer term. Private consumption is also reduced because of poor prospects for employment and the fear of job loss. Such forecasts leave unpleasant fantasies.

Realists and optimists. These people are looking for new sources of money. It is happy, who can rely on a long previously built and maintained network. Usually, no thought is thinking such binding and obligatory contacts in economically stable times. Your other priorities. This is also understandable. Google lists at the time a massive rise of search queries for the terms: make money, make more money, business, 2nd leg, mlm earning, part-time job, work at home, and many related terms. Search Google D, A, CH 12 months average number searches April 09 money 368 000 301 000 part-time job 823 000 1 500 000 money advertising 4 400 6 600 money working at home 1 600 2 900 money earn part-time job 1 000 1 600 homework 368 000 823 000 source Google AdWords tool 04.06.2009 that table shows that fewer people generally make money search.