Culture Of Quality In Mexico

The increase of globalisation has given the opportunity to many companies to introduce their products to countries such as ours that should have provoked a reaction in local enterprises of improvements in its products seeking to be more competitive, trying to hold in their market and, in the best of cases, present an increase; It is here where is put into play the role of the leaders of the Organization and we can see if there are quality elements that can be put to a national company with one of any part of the world. Unfortunately, in Mexico we are in the process of developing a culture of quality that allows many companies to be competitive, ensuring its effectiveness, productivity, survival and conquering markets, at the same time the technological factor plays a role important, same which should be assessed looking for this fundamental points that facilitate compliance of quality standards implemented in the Organization and management indexes. All the above adds a policy about the human factor, considering aspects like: Training, development of technical and administrative skills of personnel involved in the production, on quality. At the same time functions, work teams, have defined if there is communication, motivational leadership, participation, performance, recognition. This the human resource factor is determinant in the companies and if not handled properly may represent one of the weaknesses most large and difficult to beat and that is still seriously concerned about some organizations of the country.

In the CFE DCS have begun to deal with entering to the circle of competitive companies, and that they based their results on leadership and its people, since without these two variants of organization development is shown as very difficult to achieve, so therefore is as the company has made available from all partners masters and undergraduate programs specifically focused on processes and to the fulfillment of the mission and Vision drawn already makes some time. It is difficult because the idea is the conviction of the person, This brings afloat to people who with good ideas has managed to streamline their processes and be model for their peers in the same role of activities, in the same way, the leaders have changed many of practices not allowed the contributor participate in decisions which were taken in relation to the process that the performed and that, thereforeIt has all the knowledge of the same. Long way to go but the most important is that here already we started now puts to the test to all the collaborators that we integrate this beloved South Central Division. Original author and source of the article..