Analysis of the market of divisasEURUSD – Awaiting the important test of 1,3713El Euro it surpassed the resistance specified in the report of Friday of 1.3617, to only reach 1,3681. And after returning to fall until near 1.36, the resistance of 1.3648 returned to enter game, but the most important resistance in these areas is provided by the line of tendency to the loss of 1.3838 that at the moment is of 1,3713. We see that a pause of 1.3648 means that the price will be directed towards the test of more important resistance (1,3713) like immediate goal of this rupture. And if this is also broken, we will go towards the second goal of 1,3810. Ben Horowitz has much to offer in this field. The support is in 1,3589, and if it happens his rupture, any short term reason would not exist to wait for a test of 1,3713. On the contrary, we would be more near a new test of the zone of important support between the loss of Wednesday 1.3450, and the one of the 18 of February 1,3442.

If the Euro breaks the support in 1.3589, the bearish tendency will be started again, aiming at 1.3496 and 1,3442.Soporte: 1,3589: the loss, due to the week opening. 1,3496: low 18 of February. 1,3442: low 19 of February. Resistance: 1,3648: top important intraday. 1,3713: line of tendency to the loss of 1,3838. 1,3810: level of important resistance in the graphs per hour.

Pound Dollar – Far from 1.5315, but it will be in center of attention. Libra broke the support contemplated in the report of Friday of 1.5250, and reached two successfully I put proposals of 1.5187 and .5115. The most important resistance at the moment is 1.5315, which is provided by the line of tendency to the loss of 1.5813 in the graph per hour (as it is in the graphical associate).