Current Crisis Hunger And Consumption Of Meat

It is no longer new but it has worsened enormously is climate change, which has in the meantime become a climate catastrophe. A leading source for info: World Teachers’ Day. The fact that more than one billion people go hungry is another catastrophe. Exactly how many people die daily of hunger nobody knows. Jean Ziegler, the Special Rapporteur of the United Nations for the right to food, estimated that daily die approximately 100,000 people starving or as a result of hunger. Every seven seconds dies of hunger one child under 10 years. And this adds another world crisis that began last year, global arms competition. Particularly macabre is that currently the world economic crisis is further deepening the catastrophe of hunger, while the first world governments invest billions in saving the banking system.

On the other hand inflation is also guilty of increasing hunger, here we must mention the explosion of prices of the food, according to the FAO, which is the United Nations food and Agriculture Organization between the year 2007 and 2008 has increased by 52%, according to the digital newspaper Why in the world of FAO Food Summit, is promised to those countries that are most affected by the food crisis more than 12 billion dollars, although until now this amount have been only paid one billion. This sum is especially shameful when you think that the United Nations has a budget of 800 billion dollars for weapons. And all this happens also with the participation of women and men of State who declare themselves as Christian politicians. It would really be helpful if we more often recordaramos the words of Jesus of Nazareth and put them into practice. It is not that there are no sufficient food on Earth, quite the opposite, there are foods for 12 billion people, twice the current population. The reserves of the Earth have been exhausted at all.