Or the supervisors, many times, if veem obliged if to endorse in the works of the managers of the education, being reproduced same facetas of work of these, or if they see debtors to create a proper line of proper pedagogical work of the democratic processes in education. Check with Howard Schultz to learn more. The conception of education that guides this last work is description-critical to take care of to the necessities of who sees in the school the only possibility of attainment of elaborated knowing and historically accumulated by the humanity. In the history of the humanity, the educators had given varied sensible to the activity to educate, to teach e, even though, to instruct, being necessary that, in elapsing, of the pedagogical process, a professional acted of indirect form and another direct one on educating, the first one being pedagogo. This professional if made necessary in view of the proper principle of that the activity to form men is of subjective nature, being necessary one collective work. Thus, in these meanings, as Almeida (2007: 59-64), education is part of the human work to educate the people. Ahead of this, we can infer that the quality in education is more subjective of what objective, demanding planning of the pedagogical actions.

This demonstrates that the professors and other professionals of the education do not only fulfill tasks related to one determined vocation, but takes a decision inside politics in the redefinition of its proper social paper of the pertaining to school education. However, after very reflecting on the performance of the pedagogos in the school and systems of education, we perceive important quo is this professional for the education as a whole. But the biggest importance of this professional, we believe, is in the accompaniment of the pedagogical work shot up by the school and, of form macro, the nets of education. Without suffering in the paradise, the pedagogos must carry through a work on the basis of the conception of education adopted for the pertaining to school unit and estimated its philosophical-metodolgicos, so that the accord with the educational objectives if gives of more unanimous and igualitria form.