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The Constituent Assembly will mark the historical dynamics of the following years in Bolivia, with this interview with Gen. (r) Victor Jemio, top candidate of the Patriotic Democratic Transformation Civic Association (TRADEPA) that brings together military and police liability and service organizations civilians, beginning the debate on this historic milestone. The person Mario Duran (MD): I would be grateful to make a biographical account of his person? Gen. (r) Victor O. Jemio (VJ): I was born in Ixiamas Iturralde province of the Department of La Paz, 1951, the Military College to enter my 15 years and my 36-year military career, I had the opportunity to meet my country in a comprehensive manner, the I leaned training military civic nationalism to investigate and today my 55 years my position as an officer in the reserve, enables me to deal with fundamental aspects of my country as the Constituent Assembly.

MD Nationalism: The Patriotic Democratic Transformation political organization (Tradepa) is considered heir to the lodge reason Patria (RADEPA)? VJ: TRADEPA historically inspired reason Patria (RADEPA) which laid the foundation of the process that culminated in 1952 and laid the foundation of the reforms that are irreversible and were living in the Bolivian revolutionary nationalism, sadly distorted and debased by politicians decadent betrayed the nationalist military assumptions. MD: What are the main philosophical bases Tradepa? VJ: Basic Principles. Returns TRADEPA ideology, position and predicament of revolutionary nationalism, with its two historical components: 1 .- Search of social equity. 2 .- Exploitation of natural resources for the benefit of priority of the people.