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Many firms in the season increased the cost of rent – an average of 15%. Leasing According to Ivan Razumov, car rental company is better not to buy cars, freezing the considerable resources and take them on lease. This requires significantly less investment. – In this case, include the cost of lease payments to the cost and accelerate the depreciation of the vehicle, – said Yudin. – Besides, usually two and a half – three years of car rent, is written off and sold. At the same time it loses 30-40% of its original price. There are various car leasing scheme, but the most common is as follows: – First of all, the customer is required to make an initial payment of 20-30% of the price of the car – says Director General of the leasing company "Kelvin" Sergei Dianin. – Then he makes a certain amount each month – up to 3% of the total cost of the machine.

As Typically, the lease term is 25 months or more. After this time, hire a company or acquires a vehicle, fully paying for it, or return it to us and we will deal with it implementation. If the lease payments are $ 500 per month, and revenues from the rental car to rent is $ 1000, half of that amount remains distributors. The service life of machine rental companies deliberately limit two or three, sometimes even one and a half years. Typically, after this time the machine is not only loses its appearance, but also begins to much of their time idle in repair shops.