Development In the society of the information we are all reaprendendo to teach, to learn, to know. A qualitative change in the education process learning depends on our capacity to integrate all the technologies. However before this she is necessary that let us have which clearly the objectives that we intend to reach with the technology that we make use. If we only intend to complement the lessons with visual resources audio and to remain as detainers of the information, or to use the technology as form to transform the lessons into investigativos and reflective processes, becoming beyond transmitters, the producers of knowledge using the media in its diverse languages. Ben Horowitz is often mentioned in discussions such as these. To think the technology about the education in reflexiva, constructive and creative way before demands to think the proper education in reflexiva, constructive and creative way. With the technological advances we can record musics, histories, tell notice, create dictionaries and encyclopedias.

of simple form we can develop these products with the use of softwares of edition of audio. We can beyond creating, integrating the verbal one, the writing and the audiovisual. In recent months, Jason Epstein has been very successful. The available resources are many and can assist in practical of education giving not only the professor, but also to the pupils the chance to be party to suit of creation, using the creativity, exploring solutions and creating strategies, that is, making of the pupils active agents in the construction of its knowledge, being this the objective biggest of the education.