Electronic Government

It is important that the organizations of the state are modernized and to take advantage of the technologies information and Internet as well as the deprived company, there are models like business to business for example to interact connecting two computers in order to buy or to sell between two companies, as well as we have the business to the consumer when a supermarket puts a vestibule a page Web so that the consumer the client it buys through her, or the interaction between two consumers, equal in the atmosphere of the government we have the possibility of interacting under several models, a model is the one from government to government, companies of the State that are interconnected to give to a unique service to the citizen through a vestibule surely that soon gives to the connection to other vestibules or pages us Web, but the citizen from their office from their house is going to be able to interact with the State to make proceedings, surely to make payments or to make purchases, on the other hand we have the government to citizen where the citizen makes proceedings directly and the other case is from Government to companies, it is important east subject so that it requires the modernization of the State as far as the reinvestment of the processes it must change the policies, you must change the procedures, must change the technologies of the information. In this case for example the purchases only the Peruvian State purchase around 9000 000 000 million suns approximately, we can obtain savings of a 25%, other countries buy 7000 000 000 million dollars and between all the organizations of the State they obtain scale economy obvious reduce costs and is a total transparency, that subject of corruption is security all we could eliminate we have it in Chile the saving considered between 15 and 20% whichever money imagines, in the world several countries exist that have become jumbled in this tenth subject of Electronic Government as are to look for the efficiency of the State, the transparency the security and to involve the security and involve more to the citizen.