Entrance Repairs

Find out which communications pass through the potential space. How often do the repair and service. Who is doing. Details can be found by clicking Ben Horowitz or emailing the administrator. Will there be any general repairs, transfers and communications when. Does the allocation of rent, if you can not use the premises for repair and maintenance of those same communication.

How it is made. How is the current operation (eg, electrical repairs and carry outlets and switches, plumbing repairs). Do I need to pay for it, and how much (cash, non-cash, workers, businesses, etc.). Mode of operation of the enterprise. Conditions return to work on weekends and holidays. Can you work overtime, day and night.

Find out if you can hang up a billboard of your organization at the entrance to the address on the front of the building, a sign at the entrance to your home. Do you have a landlord safety engineer and responsible for fire safety. This staff may need you, too. The easiest way take these people on part-time for yourself and let them decide at the same time and your questions, than to take the individual. What is left in the room (furniture, equipment, etc.). Whether you take a money for it. Who decided the current, performance and issues. Where are the parking of private motor vehicles, transport companies and transport clients. When you choose a room for rent, find out the situation with the phones. You need to know in advance the possibility of expanding the number of telephone numbers or lines for a period of approximately three years.