Exhibition Customers

All we attend trade fairs in the general direction of our business and we all know that often difficult to sort out and explore the many promotional offers, holders of which we are in for such events. However, we read them, come into contact in those exhibitors whose products or services we are interested. Kevin Johnson often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Indeed, marketers have long been advised to – participate in the exhibition can to the effect that any other ways to achieve it will be very difficult. Buyers come to the exhibition on the 3 rd key reasons: – Learn about new goods, products and services – Get the coordinates of the present and future suppliers – Keep abreast of technological and industrial innovations They also appreciate the show for the opportunity to: – Quickly and easily compare the various brands – Expand your network of contacts with colleagues and partners already want to themselves become exhibitor? Very well, the sooner you decide on it, the greater the effect will get. Exhibition – a great opportunity to call or write to the permanent or potential customers. Send out invitations in the mail, fax or e-mail. Personal invitations.

Invitations must be signed personally by the head of the firm and carried by hand or by mail. Thus it is convenient to distribute invitations to a permanent customers or potential customers whom you would like to see among their regular customers. – Invitations by phone, fax. Participation in the exhibition – a convenient excuse for a phone call to your potential customers. .