Far East Organization

"Certainly, they must be punctual and attentive, as well as sociable – says Yulia Vinci. – In addition, this employee should be able to make decisions and take responsibility for them. " Are important requirements such as possession of logical thinking and correct speech, the ability to build conversation, and "adapt" to the client. Typically, for new staff organized the one-, two-week training course, during which he introduced to the nuances of credit activity and psychological characteristics work. Alla Zlobin, hr manager of the Credit Island, the largest in the Far East Organization in consumer lending, talking about exists in their company training program focuses attention to the need for a special approach to training of workers with different experience.

Ongoing work with people requires emotional stress, therefore, in addition to an introductory course, Alla Zlobin said about the need additional training, designed for managers with experience of over 15 months. "At this time there is a risk of emotional" burn "- believes it is – when a person gets tired and starts to work in a purely mechanical, as robot. The challenge is to inculcate students 'emotional thinking' this will help avoid a purely formal execution of their duties. " "Unburned" time employee, in good faith relating to their responsibilities, over time, can continue their career path, becoming a senior, leading or senior specialist or even headed the credit department. "Home" employee separate complex type of lending, which is in the country all actively growing, is a mortgage. According to specialists' unity Finance, over the past six months or a year, the greatest demand came just at the mortgage brokers.