Finance Director

Naturally, he used his skill, he is only with people who could influence public opinion of him. And in this situation – they were employees of accounting. Situation. (As opposed to Jonas Samuelson). The company "Italiyakompani" – is of an Italian company, which started its activities in Russia three years ago. For three years she has grown company increased sales volumes, there was an urgent need to streamline the company, in order to increase its profitability. That's why it was decided to introduce the post of financial director.

Also in the task Finance Director was reporting to include Italy, which previously engaged by another person, who retired from the company. It is important to note that it was originally a separate element, independent of accounting. First time in the company of Michael delved into current affairs: communicating with the accounting department, traveled to the head office in Italy. When it came to reporting, he applied for it in the accounting department. Accounting refused, arguing that the drafting of the report for Italy is not part of their job, besides they do not have time for this, because problems with the Russian reporting missing. As a result, between Michael and accountants began a protracted conflict.

Michael first, "stayed in the night" in an attempt to make the necessary reports. Although it was somewhat arbitrary, because often he would come to work until two. 2 months after the arrival of Michael, by his own efforts, the company introduced a new post of "Assistant Finance Director." Everything that related to the balance sheet for Italy fell on the shoulders of an assistant, and Michael began to deal exclusively with "analytical work" and communication with the Italian and Russian leadership.

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