French Revolution

Comobjectivos financial, only the bishops try to help them, through baptismosno effort to save them of the suicides in mass, but little they can make against spread and enaltecida afria already. The Jews had that to become to recognize through umsinal in its clothes and to each day dehumilhaes and retaliation in the streets were isolated from fear in Ghettos, but, on the other hand, the bows between them sefortaleciam and to this they became them more situation joined. Although all the suffering, the permaneceramfiis Jews to its faith, all its free time was dedicated to the study of the Torah. Elesvalorizavam very the intellectuality and the level of alfabetizao was grandeentre they, exactly in the layers poor if it perceived a great index dealfabetizao. synagogues, beyond a place for conjunct and orientation spiritual, also were confraternizao and meeting points.

Exactly with the continuous persecutions and preconceptions aolongo of the centuries, the protestant reform propagated by Martinho Lutero, quebroua hegemony of an only religion and created some religious groups in the Europa.Esse fact contributed for a bigger religious tolerance, therefore the been born gruposreligiosos of this reform had recognized the necessity of pluralism, ally to this, initiate a phase conducted for the humanismo that defended religious aigualdade. However, it is from the French Revolution that osjudeus obtains a bigger autonomy, but still thus, the laws (that they sempreretrocediam) directed they were highly discriminatory, and only osgrupos of Jews with more ownerships they were favored, one more time for interesseseconmicos. But it was a period where they had obtained one again projecono very great economic world through its talent for the businesses esaram of the isolation of the Ghettos. Beyond having given to contributions importantesna literature, in music, the economy, psychology in the 1849 politics etc. German Naconstituio, some rights are extended to the Jewish population, such as: religious and right to the German citizenship.