Gamez Mazuera

In an ofidica accusation, directly accused Plazas Vega of being the person who supposedly had interrogated and tortured. But the Divine Providence wanted that creeping character had to backtrack because precisely on the date in which Petro said having been tortured by Plazas Vega, the Colonel and his family were in Spain, such as checking documents and testimonies to heap.Other witnesses that exist against Plazas Vega, are more or less of Petro cut: a couple of thugs for hire whose testimonies have collapsed as collapsed of Petro. There is a such Ricardo Gamez Mazuera that turned out to be a cheat that gave his testimony on the sly, a little before escaping to Brazil. Gamez claimed to have been regular police, which was investigated and subsequently refuted. Gamez gave his testimony to the voice newspaper and since then has not returned to the country. It was that Yes, in Brussels, precisely where Petro was Secretary of the Colombian Embassy named by Cesar Gaviria. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Citigroup Inc..

This Gamez has traveled all over the world while he assured in his time not having money or for a bus ticket. The only testimony that accuses Plazas Vega of the disappearance of Carlos Rodriguez Vera, comes from Gamez Mazuera which, as you found, never was in the facts of the Palace of Justicia.tambien is another Bandit who said call Edgar Villarreal; later it was discovered that his real name was Edgar Villamizar. He said at the time that was military and that he was in the Palace decision; He also said that he witnessed that the missing 11 which attribute to Plazas Vega were taken from there in a military vehicle that do not fit you or the third part of that.It is that this witness never was in acts of the Palace of Justice, and was not even in Bogota. Numerous witnesses proved that in 1985 he was in Granada, Meta.