General Secretary

In the film, the reporter of the Daily Planet, Lois Lane, Superman interview: ' ' Why ploughs you here? There must be reason will be you you be here' ' , or ' ' Why you are here? You must have a reason to be aqui' '. To this it of the one loaded reply of the certainty of that the hero chose the country and ideology of this, for which it would fight: ' ' I? m here you fight will be truth and executes and the American way' ' , whose approach translation would be: ' ' I am here for fighting for the truth, justice and ideal americano' '. Superman IV, in Search of the Peace (1987), shows the steel man in a conference of the ONU requesting to the General Secretary to make, he himself, a speech to the delegations, not obstante to affirm not to represent no country. It would be, therefore, neutral. Its speech leaves to understand to be it a citizen of the world, that the Land is its home. It decides, then, to finish with the nuclear weapons: ' ' I cannot be motionless seeing us to fall in the madness of the possible nuclear destruction (…).

I will make what our governments relutaram in making. Starting immediately, I will exempt the planet of all the weapons nucleares' '. is what it makes. But its new enemy, the Nuclear Man, cause destruction in some parts of the world, where safe Superman the inhabitants. Its speech, in the meeting of the ONU, of pertaining hero to the world it is, however, desconstrudo in the scenes of fight in the Moon against its opponent: When the super-hero if comes across with the flag of U.S.A. left by the astronauts, has a pride sensation surrounding the scene: walked its in direction to the place where it is, the music who touches in tone of dither at the moment where straightens the position of the connecting rod that supports the flag and, also, instants after the flag being knocked down in the fight, Superman appears taking it of the soil and fincando it in the ground lunar.