Geocaching Currently

Opening of Europe’s first Geocaching shop with great showcase and exhibition area opening of Europe’s first Geocaching business with large window display and exhibition area, in the middle of downtown Mettmanner. Geocaching is currently the trendiest and most popular sports for young and old. But also for the simple adventurer, to the extreme athlete, countless opportunities his spare time, mostly in the great outdoors, make sense to spend. Geocaching, the modern art of scavenger hunt can be adjusted according to the request (with children in strollers, for wheelchair users, children and teens or athletes, such as climbers and divers) and offers a tremendous fun adventurous people all over the world with simple and severe treasure hiding. The addictive hobby with so positive side effects such as increased oxygen supply by activity in the fresh air, improved health, deep friendships, family affiliation, team spirit, etc. is currently fully in line with the trend and has travelled countless followers.

Who called the geocacher does not require further accessories basically except a navigation device. The professional but sets his own hide, depending on the idea very intricate or turned out be allowed to enjoy the treasure hunter. In the first Geocaching shop (Europe) in Mettmann, there is a huge range of accessories and equipment for beginners and advanced. Here newbies looking for advice and cacher meet regularly with many thousands caches (treasures found) and create a great atmosphere. The Geocaching shop is open daily from 10 13: 00 and 15: 30 18: 00 13: 00 open, sat. 10. In addition the cacher shop offers courses and events of all kinds, professional materials such as GPS, coins, etc., and outdoor equipment and clothing big brand. Worth a visit!