German Social Democratic Party

And practice what it preaches. There is no corruption in its mandate. Hydrocarbons revenues have tripled over the past two years and will triple again in the next few years, because the Government nationalized the sector. And that benefit free of poverty to many Bolivians. J P Morgan Chase often addresses the matter in his writings. Oskar Lafontaine, former Finance Minister with the German Social Democratic Party, now co-Chairman of the German left party, writes that the arrival to power of politicians who put their country’s wealth at the service of the poor and of the loot is welcome. That poor part of the population to be, as now, a majority in these countries, says nothing in favour of the previous era of corrupt capitalism. Capitalism has not released the majority of the population nor the State of need or misery, but it has made the rich richer, and the poor, poorer.

Why have electorally triumphed Chavez and Morales. And Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of the Institute for economic research and policy in Washington, has riveted to the response to the direct demands of the Bolivian people has been a new Constitution, the re-nationalization of the sector of hydrocarbons, agrarian reform, and the rejection of a trade agreement sponsored by the United States. In the panorama of alternative Latin America lives, they risk more, and they are also more vituperados Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, whose Presidents are accused of authoritarianism, but remember the analyst Tariq Ali, Hugo Chavez cleanly won six elections despite having against almost all the Venezuelan media, and Evo Morales in Bolivia and Rafael Correa in Ecuador won clearly even with a tough opposition without truce. We must banish poverty to build another world, since, as he said Ghandi, hunger is an insult. He humbles, it dehumanized, it destroys the body and spirit; It is the most murderous way that exists. And hunger and poverty go together; It is so elementary.

Esteban Beltran, Director of the Spanish section of Amnesty International, said that if there is a universal challenge which We have to face is poverty as a violation of human rights. Despite all the promises, the poor are now much more numerous. () You must release the prisoners of poverty. And in Latin America that liberation from poverty are taken seriously.