Government Palace

In addition, that more and more the owner of the land, on which stand the tent cities, thugs hired, to expel the unwanted invaders. So told a ninth month pregnant woman, who lives with four children in one of these tents, that a group of men had come, she would have thrown to the ground and dragged from the tent. If she were not, she said, the men wanted to tear down the tent with her and their children in it. Between other residents of tents and thugs, it comes increasingly to violent clashes as the desperate to defend dabble with machetes. Robbery and murder, rape, prostitution and child prostitution are the order of the day.

Street lighting does not exist, by the way. Police? It is only after payment of a bribe. It helps only those who have money. The blue berets of the UN intervene peace means only during riots. The clean-up work are hopelessly behind the original plan. They initially gathered Mountains of corpses – spoken by 300,000 dead – no longer exist. Nevertheless, the rubble of the capital city should be cleared off only to 2%.

Still be found corpses under the rubble. International aid agencies withhold donations. As well as the American Red Cross announces, to support any projects that were not then be finished. Nothing is fundamentally against. Only if a private help, he takes the money required in his pocket and buy necessary things controlled. He’s not coming in a dream on the thoughts, to give his money to a Government or any officials. It is done so, as one would move under equal. It is the other way the fact under the table, that corrupt banana republics are Haiti, like other countries of the world of. The strangeness of the world of politics is reflected my opinion here: with a ceremony under a tent in the ruins of the Presidential Palace of Haitian President Rene Preval, some Haitian Minister commemorated on the 12.Juli and Former President Bill Clinton of for victims of the earthquake by the Aircompany, in which some 300,000 people lost their lives. Preval said: “we will continue to help the people in the camps, but now the rebuilding begins officially.” Where does the President of Haiti, Rene Preval, the right to speak, if so far nothing has happened by “continue”. Why was Bill Clinton, who is one of this world not the poorest, not decide an estimated 10,000 tent city residents, that camp directly in front of the Government Palace in a tent city, to pay for a meal, that considerably less than 20 cents would have cost him in this country per person? Klaus Radloff you need more info? Please click here: