At the beginning of a plan should be the mission, i.e., the you want to achieve and why. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ricardo Leiman. Subsequently we will define the objectives to long or short term, which will allow to give meaning to financial activities that will make. The plan should be realistic to seize opportunities and avoid threats occurring in the environment. Again, emphasis the need to consider our strengths and weaknesses. To carry out a good financial planning we must consider that the most important part to generate the plan is setting goals, are the Guide to continue in the right direction. The financial goals that will motivate you to savings and the interest to be each day a better investor. To do so we must conduct an assessment of needs, that will allow us to decide what we want and what they need; locating us in our reality. Set a realistic goal is the smart choice; and these should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and subject to a defined term.

An instrument that can provide us with the order financier is the outline of the budget. Another aspect that we must not neglect is the mantenerel money in motion; in other words, invest. It must be borne in mind that with the passage of time (due to inflation) money tends to lose its relative value. For this reason, to increase financial efficiency it is necessary to investigate what instrument of savings available in the market best fits our needs and expectativas.l saving and investment go hand in hand, but to invest effectively must be taken into account the two golden rules: higher inflation rate and higher profit yield, greater risk. Also must establish a mechanism deflujo of constant cash since it is necessary to be rigorous with finances, have them sorted, beyond knowing how to win money. Some of the advantages of carrying a good financial planning is help us to foresee results, improve understanding of financial aspects, driven by good decisions of the investors, they represent an approximation to reality of the company and yield data for the prediction and control of the business. Finance is only a mirror of the operational reality of the company, which always arises from the Liderazgo-Equipo block Humano-Proceso – clients.

In any field, finances are the key for a person, company, Government or State can achieve economic stability and success in achieving their respective objectives. For this reason, finances also are called the art of money management. Without that manageability, only instead of a secure future economic failure can be expected. In conclusion, it is important to highlight that finances remain healthy and tend to be increasingly better when consumed with care, saves effectively and is invested with care. Original author and source of the article.