Great Wall

He perceives that what has it defines who is. ' ' My ambition would be to paint the Portuguese society … and to show to it, as in a mirror, that sad parents they had been – they and they. It is my end in the Scenes of the Portuguese life. It is necessary to acutilar the official world.

The world sentimental, the literary world, the agricultural world, the superstitious world – and, with all the respect for the institutions that are of perpetual origin, to destroy the false interpretations and false accomplishments, that them of the one society podre.' ' QUEIRS Ea of. Letter the Tefilo Braga. In: Collected works. Rio De Janeiro: New Aguilar, 1986. We find evidences of the realism, mainly in the faithful description of the personages portraied by Ea. The taste for the details in a slow narrative as the form as it defines China, in the attitude of denounces of the injustices partners, in this case with the attitude of proper it and the attitude of bajulao of the people around it, materialism of the love symbolized for the romance with Vladmira, symbolizing the treason human being. Teodoro in saw of its death leaves this questioning: ' ' it, men, only bequeath you, without commentaries, these words: ' ' He only knows well the bread that day the day our hands gain: you never kill the Mandarin! ' ' however, when dying, consoles me prodigiously this idea: how of the North to the South and the West the East, since the Great Wall of the Tartria until the waves of the Yellow Sea, in all the vast Empire of China, no Mandarin would be alive, if you, so easily as I could suppress, it and inherit the millions, reading, creature improvised for God, workmanship to it me me the clay, my fellow creature and my brother! ' ' you, would touch the bell?