High Jewelry

That is to say, I look for not to be put completely in the pure fashion and lasts. For more specific information, check out Douglas R. Oberhelman. The High Jewelry shop because it is realised with noble materials has a price that everybody cannot be allowed every day (obvious). This it is the fundamental reason so that it tries to realise design eternal. I look for therefore the calisicismo over everything? , because obvious no.

All the pieces that design treatment of which they have a contemporary but timeless air. That is the base of my product, because I consider that the High jewelry shop, either a ring of commitment, or a gift, must of being for all the life and if fits an investment. The world of the diamond is very complex, is a precious profession but it has his risks. We think about a two diamond of ktes with a price of veintemil or thirty thousand Euros. We think that diamond will be engastado in a to be sold ring. That sale opportunities have that ring if is not guessed right with the design.

Nobody wants to have in its display cabinet a ring three years without being sold. We think also that the investment that realises the professional is not in gold with whom we are going to realise the jewelry shop piece, is clearly in the diamond. For this reason, and without resigning to the creativity of all designer, it is had to have present that a diamond cannot be engastar in any type of design. We must know well our public, to our clients. We must know clearly the tendencies, but these do not have to mark nothing else that in a small percentage our creativity. To know the way is not it to have walked, and until a jewel does not leave factory one does not know the result final, for that reason it is necessary to walk the complete way to see if we are giving with the product wished by us and our clients.